August 27, 2011

What makes Wizard101 the Best?

Hello Wizards!

I was going to do a blog post on Wysteria today, but I decided to make a blog post on how Wizard101 is the greatest Online game ever in my words. I am sure a lot can say Wizard101 is the greatest game you could ever play online. I think anyone could play this game because of the great wizard101 community, and the nice people in the game. So if you want to know my opinions of what I think make Wizard101 the best keep on reading!

Family Friendly Content:
 Wow, I have to admit Wizard101 does keep the game family friendly more than we think. If you look at the things Kingsisle does to make the game family friendly, you will see that they do a lot to keep the game family friendly. Here are a few things Kingsisle does to keep the game family friendly.

With the ignore option you can ignore those that are being bad in Wizard101 or using a lot of bad language. I think this is the best option in the game if you ask me. I am glad they added this to the game because if they didn't have it, it would be terrible trying to ignore those who are saying bad things in the game right?

I shouldn't say I like this option, but it is very good with those who misbehave in Wizard101, it really helps with those using bad language. I don't think Wizard101 would be very family friendly without this option, I can tell if it was gone it would be a very bad game. That's not the case though, they have it and it really does help the game a lot! 

Chat Filters: 

With this, Kingsisle does block out a lot of things that aren't supposed to be said in the game. I really do like this because if everyone could talk freely, it would be a train wreck. Other than the other things that make Wizard101 family friendly, this has to be the best thing in the game. This helps a lot if you ask me, and I am sure they will keep using this in the game :) 

Wizard101 Community and Friends:
Just like I mentioned above in the introduction of this blog post, I know the wizard101 community is the best you could ever meet! I have read a lot of great blogs and met a lot of great people that blog about Wizard101. I am glad that there are a few out of 20 million that do blog about Wizard101, you guys are the best! Other than the community, making great friends on Wizard101 is the best too! I have made over 200 friends on all of my characters of Wizard101. I am glad Wizard101 had the friend feature when everyone started playing their game because that's another great thing they added to the game was the friends list. I am sure anyone will agree that making new great friends is very cool for the game! Knowing that there are over 20 million people in the game, I am know anyone could make a new good friend on the game. If you haven't played Wizard101 yet and you are looking at this blog post, Go to this link!

Cool Spells, Great Graphics and Awesome Pets, Oh my!

Kingsisle did a great job making the spells, making great graphics and making the awesome pets! Now I should have put Questing in the title too! Questing to get the spells and pets is very fun. I have quested on Wizard101 a lot to get these things. I have every school spell in the game from questing so much! I don't have all of the pets though. Questing through and getting these items will be achieving after you are done! I won't show you all of them, but here a couple of spells I am glad I did get after questing through Wizard101, I am sure anyone can tell the graphics are great in these photos too :)

Other than the spells, I really do love the pets on Wizard101! I know since they have added the Pet Pavilion, pets have been way better than they were. Anyone would agree with me about that. The best thing about the pets is that they give very good talents to help your Wizard in questing. This is one reason I like leveling my pets so I can get the good talents for the pets. Other than the pet pavilion, here are a few pets that are some of my favorite pets in the game! 

Why do you think makes Wizard101 the best?

Other than the things I have mentioned above of what I think makes Wizard101 the best, there are still a million and one things that make Wizard101 the best! If you know why Wizard101 is the best, ask yourself, what do you think makes Wizard101 the best? I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you guys do know I think Wizard101 is the best, awesome, and a lot of great words I could say about the game!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Malorn Ghostrider said...

With a lot of games, they only have the main storyline. Once you've finished that, there's no point in continuing playing. In Wizard101, there are tons of other activities, housing, gardening, crafting, pets, pvp, and more! Stuff like this are the only reason I'm still playing this game!