September 30, 2011

Contest Update

Hello Wizards!

I made a post a few days ago, but it had a different title. I would like to make a post that has the word contest in it this time so everything will know. Its not a big contest, though I would enter for a free 10 dollar Wizard101 gift card if I read it on a blog post. Anyways, don't forget to enter! So far I have about 6 or 7 replies so far for the contest. If you would like to enter go to this link and comment below the post:

Or you can also comment below this post now if you want to enter! Here is some details about the contest I am having..

- The contest will be ending on Sunday, October 2, 2011. It will be ending in the morning so everyone can read it before- if some go to church- I was going to end it tomorrow, but that is my church time and I will be gone all day tomorrow.

- I am giving away 1, 10 dollar wizard101 gift card. You don't have to be following my blog to enter this contest! You can send me a message on Facebook, or twitter, you can also comment below here on this post if you would like to enter.

-- The way to win the contest will be having to describe one new mount you would like to be added to Wizard101, describe in details.. It may help you win if you do..

- Good luck to everyone!!

~ Edward Lifegem

September 29, 2011


Hello Wizards!

I know I have told you I would take pictures of the new maps on the Wizard101 test realm, but I decided to make another post other than that instead. I have decided to make another character on Wizard101! He is a new character, and my goal is to level him to 60 in one month or less. He is going to be the death school and he will be the last character I will make since I still have another ice character to level. I will be adding anyone- 120 friends- if you want to be on my list. If you do and you haven't had a chance to add me yet, just send me a message on Facebook, comment below this post, or send me a direct message on Twitter. I don't mind adding anyone. While writing this post, I made it through the tutorial. It was the 8-9th time I have done that, so it wasn't really new. Although I did take a few photos of my new character fighting the dragons. Malistaire must of thought the dragons were going to win the battle-- Nope!--
Ninja Pigs!

Skeletal Pirate? Wow, glad it didn't do  400+ damage on me

Well it might not have been me fighting, until the very end. Merle decided to finally help me out. I wish he could have at first, I guess he was only trying to show me how to be a true wizard!

I will be making more posts about leveling my new character I have made today. I will be making a post almost everyday if I can. Wish me luck in the Spiral! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

September 28, 2011

Test Realm + Contest

Hello again!

I want to talk about a few more things other than the test realm. First of all, I am going to be back today and start blogging again, and I will try to blog everyday! I don't think I will be busy, until the holidays, which is after October. I won't be as busy as I was lately though :) I actually have some good plans for the Holidays, including Halloween. So other than that, you will see later on. Another thing I want to talk about before the test realm is that even though I take breaks like I have been doing the past few months, doesn't mean I am quitting Wizard101 or blogging :) This is actually something I have been enjoying lately, blogging. It does take me some time out of leveling or having my own time outside of Wizard101, but I don't care. Its my choice on what I want to do right? Also, if you didn't know the blog post I made earlier was a contest. If you want to enter, comment below this blog post link, you will find out what you need to do in this blog post:

Contest Details Update: 
When I made the blog post earlier today, I didn't know if I would be back this week or next week. Well I am back today, and I have decided to make the contest until Sunday, October 2nd. I will be giving away one 10 dollar gift card code to the best answer to this question. What would be one mount you would want to be added to Wizard101?- Explain in Details- The best detailed one will win! I didn't mention this on my other post, but you don't have to follow my blog if you can't. Anyone can enter. If you need to tell me on Facebook in a message, or in Twitter with a direct message you can! I am thinking of making my contests like that from now on. I can't even think of a mount I would like to be added because I have my Pegasus mount now, so I am okay with that mount for now! Well good luck to anyone who wants to enter, and I can't wait to have more contests :) I like having simple contests, because hard contests are something that I don't like at all. So I hope you all don't mind me having the easy Contest!

Test Realm Fun: 
I don't know how long the test realm has been online, but I have been on there and they finally have released the black panther mount in the crowns shop! It feels like I have been waiting forever for that mount to be released. I am glad it is going to be released next to Halloween though! It would be a nice mount to ride when doing the Halloween quests. Right now in the test realm, its selling for 5000 crowns.
The New Permanent Panther Mount!

Another thing that has been added to the crowns shop was the signs for housing. Even though I don't use signs, I am sure this will be great for anyone who wants to have a sign outside of their house or in your house :) Here is a photo of the prices of them, they don't cost that much, so anyone could buy them if they had 2000 crowns! 

New Housing Signs

Another thing that was updated in the test realm was the world maps! Even though I won't post them on here because I have already made this blog post long enough, I will show you them tomorrow in a new post. Oh and something I have noticed with the mounts, I think there will be 2 passenger mounts one day. If you notice, the mounts will say how many wizards can use the mount, and all of the mounts right now say 1 passenger- wizard- I wonder if one day in the wizard future they will add mounts that more wizards can get on? Oh well we'll see. To tell the truth, I would like to see my pet riding along with us on the mount. When we get on our mounts, our pets just go right in the backpack. Oh well we'll see :) Anyways, that's it for this blog post. I am glad I am back to post, and have fun in the Spiral everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

Are you back yet?

Hello Wizards!

I guess you can say I am back online now. How was your week of Wizard101? I have noticed that there have been a lot of new things added. I have noticed that there are 5 new pets in the crown shop! That is very cool, I like the Skeletal Knight? I really don't know what it is called :) Anyways, I have also noticed that... the test realm is now online!! I am glad they are finally releasing more things to the test realm. I like the test realm better than the live realm now :) Other than those updates I have noticed, I will be making blog posts over them next week. For now though..

Contest, 10 dollar W101 Card Giveaway:
I have one 10 dollar w101 card I am going to giveaway. When I get back next week the winner will be announced. I would like you to comment below and tell me one mount you would like Wizard101 to add and the best detailed one will win the card! The card could buy you a new pet out of the crowns shop, or if you don't have a membership, you can get one, and go on the test realm! Good luck Everyone :)

~Edward Lifegem

- Next Monday through Thursday the Winner will be announced!!

September 16, 2011


Hello Wizards,

I hate to tell you this, but I will be away from Wizard101 and Blogging for a little while. I have a lot of things going on, and I can't blog as much or get on Wizard101 as much as I did before. I can't make this blog post very long because I am busy right now. I will try to be back in 2 weeks. If I am not back before then, I will be back on Halloween. I don't want to leave that long, but I really wanted to tell you before I went away a while. I can't wait to get back on Wizard101 and Blogging again, so until then, have a good time in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

September 14, 2011

Updates and News around the Spiral

Hello Wizards!

Today I am making a post about some events that are going on around the spiral now, or soon. Some of the things I am going to talk about are the Cancer Walk that the Evil theurgist will be having. A giveaway on Facebook from the Wizard101 Facebook Page, and a contest update. I will also be talking about a few other things in this post.

The Cancer Walk: 
This is the best Wizard101 event that could have ever been made. It has something to do with real life and a lot of people will be doing it for those who have had Cancer or have Cancer right now. I had a lot of family members that have had Cancer, and I know this event is a very good thing to do. I really want to thank the Evil Theurgist for having it. Here is some information I will be putting on my blog, and a link to the post that was made for the Cancer walk.

Date and Time- September 17th, 6:00 p.m. EST
Realm- All of the Vampire Realm
Video showing where the Cancer walk will take place-
I do not own this Video- Credit goes to Evil Theurgist

Wizard101 Weekly Giveaway:
Wizard101 has had very good giveaways on this weekly giveaway they have been announcing every Wednesday. On every Friday they announce the winners of the giveaways. This week they are giving away pagasus mounts. They will be sending one code out that gives two pagasus mounts. 10 people are eligible to win! I think that you should attend the event if you can't get the mount for a while. Here is a link for more information:

Contest Update and other Updates:
I have had some problems lately dealing with real life. I am sorry if I haven't been announcing much about the Contest. I think I may postpone the 10x10x10 contest to January do to the real life problems that have been happening. I was going to make the contest for this month when I first announced it. I am very sorry that I have to postpone it. It will be my choice to though. I will still have contests though until about Thanksgiving and then I will stop so I can get the cards :) I really hope everyone doesn't mind me postponing it until next year though. Lately I haven't been on Wizard101 much because of the real life issues. I hope that I will be able to get on Wizard101 soon so I can start blogging a lot more than I have been. Anyways, I think I am done with the post for today, and don't forget to attend the Cancer Walk if you can, also the Weekly giveaway, looks like Kingsisle has some very good giveaways coming up on the Wizard101 Facebook page :)

~ Edward Lifegem

September 13, 2011

Housing101- Autumn Dreamwalker

Hello Again!

I know I just made a post about 5 minutes ago, but I have another I would like you to look at :) Now before I put the video and a couple of photos I have, I want to say it would take me a while to get this bug accomplished. More like light years to finish the bug Autumn has made. I can't imagine how much gold this would cost, I am thinking at least 200k. I am sure that would be an extreme goal for me since I only have 6000 gold on my life Wizard. Here is a video of a tour of her house and a couple of photos I have that I want you to see. Enjoy :)
- This is a video link on youtube of her house. I am sorry that I couldn't show the video on my blog. The video won't show up when I look for it. So click on the link after looking at the photos or reading my blog post to see the rest of her house :)

Very cool housing glitch. This is right by the moon! It would take me forever
to complete something this cool. 

My Golden Piggle, from my last post! 

Entrance to this housing glitch!

Once again, I am sure it would take me a very long time to finish this glitch. I bet it would take me even longer than light years to finish it! Well, that is because I am not good at the housing glitches, I am glad I get to take photos of the glitches my friends show me because if I didn't get to, I am sure there wouldn't be anything over housing on this blog :) Anyways, thanks Autumn for showing me this very cool housing glitch!

Golden Piggle

Hello Wizards!

Before today, I had no idea which quest to get the Golden Piggle. I finally found out which quest I needed to access this pet. I am glad I went on Wizard101 today to see the quest I was on was the way to redeem this pet :) It took forever for me to finally find the quest and I had the quest on my life character for the past week! Well I should look at my quests I am on from now on. I would finish up all of my quests, but I think its good to have extra experience for the next world or level cap that will be released later on. I still need to finish up quests though throughout the world of Wysteria, since it really wouldn't give much experience for the next world.

Before Ending the quest, Forest lord was ready to attack.

Finally, Belladonna is finally being nice? Hopefully..

5 Minutes for 55 Minutes of waiting for it to hatch!?!?

5 Minutes Later...

Glad it was only 5 minutes :)

I have to admit, waiting a long time for a pet is terrible. I am glad the golden piggle only had 5 minutes of hatching time. If I had to wait 21 hours, this blog post would be finished tomorrow. Well hope you enjoyed reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

September 12, 2011

Questing through Celestia

Hello Wizards!

Lately when I wasn't making blog posts, I was questing in Celestia with Autumn Dreamwalker on my myth character. Its very good to finish up a world because if you don't you might not have access to the next newly released world for a while. I think I may start questing through Celestia on some of my other characters that haven't finish Celestia yet. So if you haven't finish Celestia yet and you really do want to go to the next world when it is released with the Morganthe quest line, you should go quest in celestia before its released. Anyways, I have a few photos of questing, and I think I may be able to finish my myth tomorrow. The place I really don't like in Celestia would be Stormriven. It took forever to get through that area on all of my characters, even on the test realm when the world was first released. My favorite area, would be the next area, Science Center! Here are a couple of photos I was taking throughout questing the other day.

For some reason, he looks mad.

Always a great Death Card! Vampire :)

Yuck and woot! I had critical with Humongofrog a lot.

Where I last left off. I can't wait to start questing again!

I had a lot of critical throughout this world with my myth character. I was using the humongofrog card left and right. I am sure a lot of Celestians may remember me, or my humongofrog? Anyways, I had fun questing through Celestia Saturday and I can't wait to start questing again tomorrow. Remember, if you want to go to the next world when its released you should go quest through Celestia if you haven't finished it already. Good luck! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

September 11, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I am going to talk about 9/11 something off topic of Wizard101. 10 years ago today a very tragic thing happened here in America. I would call it a disaster, because a lot of things were happening within minutes. Planes crashed into the world trade center. Both of the towers collapsed, and a lot were killed in this. There was also a plane crash that hit the Pentagon, another thing that happened that day was Flight 93 was supposed to hit the Us Capital or the White house and there were heroes on that flight that prevented that from happening. I have to say there were a lot of heroes on this day and they all deserve attention. Some of the heroes were people that were getting others out of the world trade center, and some of them died trying to do that. That proves that even though there really isn't magic in real life, there still are heroes out there. Anyways, other than the sadness in the post, I would like to say, God bless America, and all of those who were affected by this day 10 years ago.

I do not own this video.

I decided to put our - America's- National Athem up on this post. 

September 7, 2011

Why do I support other Bloggers?

Hello Wizards!

Well, I don't know if anyone is asking why I follow as many sites as I can, but in this post I am going to tell you why. Since I first started blogging, I knew I had a lot of goals for the site and for myself. Some of them at first was to be a fansite, which others wanted to be. I really do feel sorry for those who quit their blog because that couldn't happen anymore. I have had a feeling lately that some may think I only care about how many followers I have, because I have been posting how much followers I get on Facebook with each follower. I do that because I am glad you decided to follow this site, I support you guys as much as you support me :) One thing I like doing is following new blogs that have first started because I want you to know that at least someone is supporting you. I can't even count how many Wizard101 blogs I have followed so far. I am sure if you look on my blogger profile though, you can see how many Wizard101 blogs I try to follow. I think everyone should try to follow other new bloggers, not just the ones who are older and aren't new at blogging anymore. The other day I made a list of blogs that I wanted everyone to follow if they could, I have noticed that some of the new blogs weren't followed :( Yes, that does make me sad because I want the newer bloggers to know that they are welcomed to the blogger world. Anyways, before I am done with this post, I am going to put those blogs down on a list again, and add a few more to it. I think everyone should do this because it would help bloggers out. I want everyone to know that there are a lot of wizard101 blogs out there that you can follow :) So please follow these blogs below if you can. If you followed mine, you should follow these.

The Theurgistic Life:

That Crazy Thaumaturge:

Wizard101 Chronicles:

Wizard101 Information Guide:

The Balance Blizzard:

The Heroic Pyromancer:

I am asking for at least one person to follow each of these blogs. I don't make blog posts about following blogs for just the blog links to sit there on the page :) Please follow if you can. Thank you! Oh and tell me if you followed in a comment.

~ Edward Lifegem

September 5, 2011

Sad/ Good Post/ Thank you!

Hello Wizards,

Today I was thinking about officially quitting my blog later this year and also quitting Wizard101. There has been a lot of real life things going on. Anyways, I am not going to quit because I have all of you all to help me feel better when something very bad happens or might happen. Today I found out that my grandpa was in the hospital and he might not make it. When I made the first tweet a lot were praying for him, and I really do thank you all for being great friends by doing that. Anyways, when I was thinking about quitting the game and all later this year, I kept saying to myself- the Wizard community really does help a lot when something bad happens or if you need to talk to someone. Well I am glad you all did help me a lot more than you think. Not only did you help me, you also helped my Grandpa. I really do thank you all. I have to admit though, you guys are way better than my friends in real life would ever be. I could say thanks a million times on this blog post, that's how thankful I am. Even though I do have to quit sometime next year, I wish I could stay here for a couple of more years! That would be a lot of fun. So the bad part of the post was that I was thinking about quitting Wizard101 and blogging earlier today. The good part of this post is that I will be staying until July of 2012. :) I am making it later than usual because I would like to stay here as long as I can. I am glad that you all helped me with everything bad that happened this morning, and I guess this post did turn out to be a sad/good post. I should make it sad/great news post instead though. Anyways, yes I made another poster, and this is my thank you note to you all, and yes it does look like the Wizard101 3rd birthday poster! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

September 4, 2011

NEVER tell your password

Hello Wizards!

I have noticed that some of my friends have been giving out their password to random people in Wizard101 or on Facebook. I always read below when I log into Wizard101 waiting for it to patch, it says never give out your password. It's very simple not to give out your personal information. There are some things people say that some people think is true when they say it. Here a couple of examples that people do to get your password.

1. I will give you a lot of crowns if you give me your password. I promise I will give it back. I can give you 100,000 crowns or so on. I can give you a 60$ or year membership!

2. I can help you level your characters, I will level them to all legendary. I promise I will give you your account back if you give me your password and user name!

3. One other thing that I have noticed that some people do, they use kingsisle saying that their parents or they work for kingsisle. Kingsisle says never give out your password to anyone, not even them. So if you see someone posing as kingsisle, report them. One story I had with this situation was that someone said that they could show me the new world Celestia. I knew something was weird about it so I decided to check it out, and my friends went too. I went there and he sent me a message asking for my user name and password! Now this is something that is simple enough to read when you log into the log in screen. Don't give out your password. I am glad I read that before I logged in that day because I might not have had Wizard101 right now if I did.

4. Some sites pose as something that they aren't. This kind of goes with example one. They ask for your user name and password and promise they will help you get a membership or crowns. They actually posted it on the Wizard101's Facebook page, which will be noticeable to Lydia Greyrose or Dalia Falmea.

Remember, even if someone promises you anything of these things, Don't give out your password! You would also be giving out personal information, like credit card information, emails, and a lot of other stuff. Please don't let this happen to you, and read the log in screen. I know this won't help everyone that gives out their password, I really hope it helps those who does read my blog though.

~ NEVER tell your password to anyone! Violations will result in a permanent account ban!
- Quote From Kingsisle

I am very sorry to those that did make that mistake though. I am sure it is terrible that you had to lose your acccount. I am just giving a warning to those who are about to do the same. 

~ Edward Lifegem

Blogs to Follow!

Hello Wizards!

I haven't done a post on blogs to follow in a while. I really like helping some of the new bloggers and that's why I do posts on putting some links for blogs to follow sometimes. I have followed a lot of new blogs, and I just want to say, the blogs I put down, you guys are doing a very good job! Here are a couple of links of blogs that I would like you to follow if you can!

A Theurgistic Life
- Wolf Sky

That Crazy Thaumaturge
- Red, or Sean Redhammer

Wizard101 Chronicles
- Cody Soulmender

Wizard101 Information Guide
- Wolf Blood

There is another blog I would like you guys to look at, you can't follow it, because I don't think it runs through blogger. If you would like to go to the blog click here: By the way, I really do like the design on this blog! - I love the life design part of the blog - Well, if you would like me to do a post so some can follow you blog next time, just send me a message on Facebook or dm me on Twitter!

~ Edward Lifegem

September 2, 2011

To the moon!

Hello Again!

I wanted to show you something very cool that a good friend made a glitch to. I know a lot do know about the Wizard watchtower right? Well, Scot Soulhammer, decided to try to make a glitch to get to the moon on the game in the house. The moon is far away from earth in real life. In the game its a couple of feet! Here is a couple of photos I took to show you our adventure to the moon, oh yeah without a rocket by the way :) Here are the photos!

The first of Wizards to make it to the moon. Or are we?

Is that the moon?!

A few feet away!

Well that's all I wanted to show you all, you should try making it to the moon to, oh and since we are wizards we could breathe! I really do hope that you have more glitches I can blog about Scot, thanks for showing me! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Happy 3rd Birthday Wizard101!

Hey Wizards!

I am sure most do know today is Wizard101's 3rd birthday! I am glad I am here to celebrate wizard101's birthday. I am also glad I joined the best online game ever! When I say the best online game ever, I mean wizard101 is probably going to be the best game you could ever play online, even 20 years from now. I am sure Wizard101 will have a lot more playing then than today. I would like to tell you more of my favorite things about Wizard101- different from the blog post from the other day.

Favorite things about Wizard101: 
I have so many things I could mention that would be my favorite thing about Wizard101 it could go on for a lot of blog posts. I really do like making friends on Wizard101, I have made a lot of friends on the game since Wizard101's second birthday. Another favorite thing would be my blog, I would have never made a blog about Wizard101 if it wasn't a game I really didn't like. I love this game, that's why I made a blog about it! Another thing that kinda has something do with friends is that you can make great friends on here that you will never forget in your lifetime. I have made a lot of great friends on the game and I am glad to have you as friends, that counts people on Facebook, twitter, and my list on Wizard101 :) More things I like about this game is that well, I said that in the introduction. Its' the best game online!!! I have never played such a game that has been something I have been playing for 2 years already! I am glad I did see the commercial for Wizard101 or I wouldn't be making this blog post right now, or have made great friends on the game. So my favorite thing out of the blog and friends would most likely be making good friends on Wizard101. Other things could include the graphics in the game, feeling like you are Harry Potter, or just having somewhere to hang out when you are bored. Well I made a poster for Wizard101, and I am not good at posters so don't laugh :) Here it is!

September 1, 2011

New Mounts and Housing!

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe that they finally released the new Pegasus mounts! I am very glad they did because its something that I wanted in Wizard101 since snow angel the card was first released in Celestia! They are selling for 12500 crowns in the crown shop right now. I think this is the best price for these mounts because I think they are the best mounts in the game! I knew they would be released sometime after Wysteria when there was a quest where you had to get food for the new mounts. I am glad they finally did release them in the crowns shop! Here are a couple of photos if you would like to see them and you haven't heard the news yet!

Another thing that hit the crowns shop was the new houses! I really didn't get to see these before when they were released on the test realm, due to the reason of not having a membership! They are selling in the crowns shop right now, the Sunken Palace is selling for 10,000 crowns, and the Wizards Watchtower is selling for 7,500 crowns. Here is a photo of both of them once you arrive in them! 

Sunken Palace

Wizards Watchtower 

Wow, they really do try their best on releasing things and keeping us busy don't they? Thanks Kingsisle! :) 

~ Edward Lifegem