September 11, 2011


Hello Everyone,

I am going to talk about 9/11 something off topic of Wizard101. 10 years ago today a very tragic thing happened here in America. I would call it a disaster, because a lot of things were happening within minutes. Planes crashed into the world trade center. Both of the towers collapsed, and a lot were killed in this. There was also a plane crash that hit the Pentagon, another thing that happened that day was Flight 93 was supposed to hit the Us Capital or the White house and there were heroes on that flight that prevented that from happening. I have to say there were a lot of heroes on this day and they all deserve attention. Some of the heroes were people that were getting others out of the world trade center, and some of them died trying to do that. That proves that even though there really isn't magic in real life, there still are heroes out there. Anyways, other than the sadness in the post, I would like to say, God bless America, and all of those who were affected by this day 10 years ago.

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I decided to put our - America's- National Athem up on this post. 

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