September 28, 2011

Are you back yet?

Hello Wizards!

I guess you can say I am back online now. How was your week of Wizard101? I have noticed that there have been a lot of new things added. I have noticed that there are 5 new pets in the crown shop! That is very cool, I like the Skeletal Knight? I really don't know what it is called :) Anyways, I have also noticed that... the test realm is now online!! I am glad they are finally releasing more things to the test realm. I like the test realm better than the live realm now :) Other than those updates I have noticed, I will be making blog posts over them next week. For now though..

Contest, 10 dollar W101 Card Giveaway:
I have one 10 dollar w101 card I am going to giveaway. When I get back next week the winner will be announced. I would like you to comment below and tell me one mount you would like Wizard101 to add and the best detailed one will win the card! The card could buy you a new pet out of the crowns shop, or if you don't have a membership, you can get one, and go on the test realm! Good luck Everyone :)

~Edward Lifegem

- Next Monday through Thursday the Winner will be announced!!


Talon Thunderblade said...

First off, glad yo'ure back Ed!

I'd really like a boa constrictor or king cobra mount. (both are snakes.) We would all be slithering around the commons being all satanic and devious. The colors may be gold, red black, or emerald green, ranging from 7,500-9,000 crowns and 75,000-90,000 gold if I could make that option.

Thanks, Ed!-Thunderblade

Diana Wildheart said...

Hello Edward,

I would love to see the white tiger mount come back for few days. Please that all I ask...... Thank you. :D

Malorn Ghostrider said...

New mount huh? I'd love a death horse of some kind.... Remember the thestrals from harry potter? It could look like those! Very skeletal looking, with a dragon-ish looking head, and wings coming out of the back. Kind of like a skeletal pegasus....

jennfan14 said...

For a new mount i would like to see some kind of mermaid tail. I mean they already have covered most of the other mystical beings, so why not mermaids? The tails would have different designs but I think it would be cool if it was the first mount that you could pick your own colors for (like clothes). It would sell for crowns or a ton of gold. :)

Jack is AWESOME said...

I would definantly like to say two person mounts. A small spoiler in the test realm on all the mounts saying 1 PASSENGER MOUNT. I think something I would like to be a two person mount would be a tempest wave. Maybe a storm cloud would come when someone hops on and they sit up there. All sets of these 2 people mounts would sell for 12,000 crowns. Thanks!

Lindsey GhostHeart said...

The mount that I want to be added is a Werewolf. The Werewolf could have red eyes, the tail of the Werewolf's would be wagging and sticking up. On the Werewolf's body there would be black patterns near the end of the body. When you're not moving the Werewolf will howl every 3 minutes or drool and sleep. Crowns ranging from 6,500 to 8,500. In gold Ranging from 75,000 to 80,000.(: Thanks!!!

Swordroll said...

Perhaps my idea is a bit far-fetched, but I'd love to see a "Mist Mount."

The "Mist Mount" is a black or white (you pick) form resembling a Death Eater (if you happen to have seen Harry Potter). When you're idle, the upper half of your body is visible and the mist/smoke moves around you as it does the Death Eaters. Occasionally while idle, your character will become its solid black form and fly around in circles a few times, just to show off.

The Mist Mount, when travelling, will turn your character into a complete black/white form which flies quickly through the air to your destination. Underwater, the mount works the same way, but bubbles radiate from your form in addition to the usual smoke/mist.

The Mist Mount is unique because it starts out at only 5% speed bonus. As you travel with it, you begin to gain "Mastery Points." As you master the mount by travelling various places with it, its speed bonus will increase one percent at a time up to 45%, just above the usual.

This mount costs 20,000 crowns or 200,000 gold, but it's well worth it. The mount comes with a housing item which, when you fly through it in your form, will change its color from black to white or from white to black. The Mist Mount is also a rare drop from the "Wizard's Hoard Pack."


Aedan Morgan/Aaron Starheart said...

Hmm a new mount... I think I would like to add another dragon(not like the wyvern or other crowns dragons) but like a mix between a blue drake (from dragonspyre) and the frost dragon (from dragonology) he would have a 45 percent boost on speed and be available only from the crown shop for 8,500 crowns or 175,000 gold and you can change the colors to any of the colors that are available to change your clothes to.

Chris DrakeFlame said...

Hi Edward!
My mount idea is:
A Genie mount which costs 12,000 crowns!
The huge Genie holds you using his power in his hand!
When you are inactive for a while with the Genie equipped, he goes into a lamp and you look as though you don't have a mount but the lamp is behind you :)
There can be the Fire Genie, Ice Genie or Storm Genie!
There can be temporary mounts like this dropping from many bosses including simple WC bosses to give free players a chance!
To be unlike other mount, when you are in any battle, the lamp can be next to your foot :)
When you are equipping the mount, it could appear like Efreet without the sword lol. When unequipping, he could swirl around then vanish.
This mount could make noises like when Efreet appears.
However! When you get the mount, there are several outfits the genie could wear! However, you cannot choose the outfit. This makes most genie mounts not look like each other! :D
A temporary seven day Genie mount, could also be awarded from a quest :)

That's all!
I really wish this mount could happen (: It would really be unique :D