September 13, 2011

Housing101- Autumn Dreamwalker

Hello Again!

I know I just made a post about 5 minutes ago, but I have another I would like you to look at :) Now before I put the video and a couple of photos I have, I want to say it would take me a while to get this bug accomplished. More like light years to finish the bug Autumn has made. I can't imagine how much gold this would cost, I am thinking at least 200k. I am sure that would be an extreme goal for me since I only have 6000 gold on my life Wizard. Here is a video of a tour of her house and a couple of photos I have that I want you to see. Enjoy :)
- This is a video link on youtube of her house. I am sorry that I couldn't show the video on my blog. The video won't show up when I look for it. So click on the link after looking at the photos or reading my blog post to see the rest of her house :)

Very cool housing glitch. This is right by the moon! It would take me forever
to complete something this cool. 

My Golden Piggle, from my last post! 

Entrance to this housing glitch!

Once again, I am sure it would take me a very long time to finish this glitch. I bet it would take me even longer than light years to finish it! Well, that is because I am not good at the housing glitches, I am glad I get to take photos of the glitches my friends show me because if I didn't get to, I am sure there wouldn't be anything over housing on this blog :) Anyways, thanks Autumn for showing me this very cool housing glitch!


Talon Thunderblade said...

Light years are not measured in time. They are measured in distance. Like, I am 600 million light years away from this planet.-Thunderblade

Edward Lifegem said...

Well it would be if you counted the time it would take to get there :) That's what I am doing lol