September 1, 2011

New Mounts and Housing!

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe that they finally released the new Pegasus mounts! I am very glad they did because its something that I wanted in Wizard101 since snow angel the card was first released in Celestia! They are selling for 12500 crowns in the crown shop right now. I think this is the best price for these mounts because I think they are the best mounts in the game! I knew they would be released sometime after Wysteria when there was a quest where you had to get food for the new mounts. I am glad they finally did release them in the crowns shop! Here are a couple of photos if you would like to see them and you haven't heard the news yet!

Another thing that hit the crowns shop was the new houses! I really didn't get to see these before when they were released on the test realm, due to the reason of not having a membership! They are selling in the crowns shop right now, the Sunken Palace is selling for 10,000 crowns, and the Wizards Watchtower is selling for 7,500 crowns. Here is a photo of both of them once you arrive in them! 

Sunken Palace

Wizards Watchtower 

Wow, they really do try their best on releasing things and keeping us busy don't they? Thanks Kingsisle! :) 

~ Edward Lifegem

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