September 12, 2011

Questing through Celestia

Hello Wizards!

Lately when I wasn't making blog posts, I was questing in Celestia with Autumn Dreamwalker on my myth character. Its very good to finish up a world because if you don't you might not have access to the next newly released world for a while. I think I may start questing through Celestia on some of my other characters that haven't finish Celestia yet. So if you haven't finish Celestia yet and you really do want to go to the next world when it is released with the Morganthe quest line, you should go quest in celestia before its released. Anyways, I have a few photos of questing, and I think I may be able to finish my myth tomorrow. The place I really don't like in Celestia would be Stormriven. It took forever to get through that area on all of my characters, even on the test realm when the world was first released. My favorite area, would be the next area, Science Center! Here are a couple of photos I was taking throughout questing the other day.

For some reason, he looks mad.

Always a great Death Card! Vampire :)

Yuck and woot! I had critical with Humongofrog a lot.

Where I last left off. I can't wait to start questing again!

I had a lot of critical throughout this world with my myth character. I was using the humongofrog card left and right. I am sure a lot of Celestians may remember me, or my humongofrog? Anyways, I had fun questing through Celestia Saturday and I can't wait to start questing again tomorrow. Remember, if you want to go to the next world when its released you should go quest through Celestia if you haven't finished it already. Good luck! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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