September 5, 2011

Sad/ Good Post/ Thank you!

Hello Wizards,

Today I was thinking about officially quitting my blog later this year and also quitting Wizard101. There has been a lot of real life things going on. Anyways, I am not going to quit because I have all of you all to help me feel better when something very bad happens or might happen. Today I found out that my grandpa was in the hospital and he might not make it. When I made the first tweet a lot were praying for him, and I really do thank you all for being great friends by doing that. Anyways, when I was thinking about quitting the game and all later this year, I kept saying to myself- the Wizard community really does help a lot when something bad happens or if you need to talk to someone. Well I am glad you all did help me a lot more than you think. Not only did you help me, you also helped my Grandpa. I really do thank you all. I have to admit though, you guys are way better than my friends in real life would ever be. I could say thanks a million times on this blog post, that's how thankful I am. Even though I do have to quit sometime next year, I wish I could stay here for a couple of more years! That would be a lot of fun. So the bad part of the post was that I was thinking about quitting Wizard101 and blogging earlier today. The good part of this post is that I will be staying until July of 2012. :) I am making it later than usual because I would like to stay here as long as I can. I am glad that you all helped me with everything bad that happened this morning, and I guess this post did turn out to be a sad/good post. I should make it sad/great news post instead though. Anyways, yes I made another poster, and this is my thank you note to you all, and yes it does look like the Wizard101 3rd birthday poster! :)

~ Edward Lifegem


Wolf Sky said...

There is no good news at all :( Please don't leave! We need you! Remember when I had my fire character? Coyle Fireblade? He was getting hacked but you still helped me try to retrieve it. We are nice because YOU are here, when you leave the whole community will change :( YOUR smart brain helps all of us!

Diana Wildheart said...

Hey edward, you are not alone, I lost three of four grandparents right now, she has diabetes as old woman but she still doing quilts, gardening and little work in temple, she keep going no matter how bad or sick to her. Edward, don't worry about us, worry about you and your family. We do care about you and all of us. don't give up yet! You can do it. BTW I lost my grandmother before i graducateed high school. That sad moments but no matter what I still loved her and still remembered her. :) I wish you good luck in future. But remember, no matter what Do Not Give Up! :)

Fin and Quinn said...

Aww :( We will all be very sad to see you go. I, for one, will definitely miss you, and you're posts will be missed.


Daw101beast said...

You might not know who I am but i recently started reading your post I have read about 4 so far and I feel like i known you since preschool lol please dont leave!!! :(