September 28, 2011

Test Realm + Contest

Hello again!

I want to talk about a few more things other than the test realm. First of all, I am going to be back today and start blogging again, and I will try to blog everyday! I don't think I will be busy, until the holidays, which is after October. I won't be as busy as I was lately though :) I actually have some good plans for the Holidays, including Halloween. So other than that, you will see later on. Another thing I want to talk about before the test realm is that even though I take breaks like I have been doing the past few months, doesn't mean I am quitting Wizard101 or blogging :) This is actually something I have been enjoying lately, blogging. It does take me some time out of leveling or having my own time outside of Wizard101, but I don't care. Its my choice on what I want to do right? Also, if you didn't know the blog post I made earlier was a contest. If you want to enter, comment below this blog post link, you will find out what you need to do in this blog post:

Contest Details Update: 
When I made the blog post earlier today, I didn't know if I would be back this week or next week. Well I am back today, and I have decided to make the contest until Sunday, October 2nd. I will be giving away one 10 dollar gift card code to the best answer to this question. What would be one mount you would want to be added to Wizard101?- Explain in Details- The best detailed one will win! I didn't mention this on my other post, but you don't have to follow my blog if you can't. Anyone can enter. If you need to tell me on Facebook in a message, or in Twitter with a direct message you can! I am thinking of making my contests like that from now on. I can't even think of a mount I would like to be added because I have my Pegasus mount now, so I am okay with that mount for now! Well good luck to anyone who wants to enter, and I can't wait to have more contests :) I like having simple contests, because hard contests are something that I don't like at all. So I hope you all don't mind me having the easy Contest!

Test Realm Fun: 
I don't know how long the test realm has been online, but I have been on there and they finally have released the black panther mount in the crowns shop! It feels like I have been waiting forever for that mount to be released. I am glad it is going to be released next to Halloween though! It would be a nice mount to ride when doing the Halloween quests. Right now in the test realm, its selling for 5000 crowns.
The New Permanent Panther Mount!

Another thing that has been added to the crowns shop was the signs for housing. Even though I don't use signs, I am sure this will be great for anyone who wants to have a sign outside of their house or in your house :) Here is a photo of the prices of them, they don't cost that much, so anyone could buy them if they had 2000 crowns! 

New Housing Signs

Another thing that was updated in the test realm was the world maps! Even though I won't post them on here because I have already made this blog post long enough, I will show you them tomorrow in a new post. Oh and something I have noticed with the mounts, I think there will be 2 passenger mounts one day. If you notice, the mounts will say how many wizards can use the mount, and all of the mounts right now say 1 passenger- wizard- I wonder if one day in the wizard future they will add mounts that more wizards can get on? Oh well we'll see. To tell the truth, I would like to see my pet riding along with us on the mount. When we get on our mounts, our pets just go right in the backpack. Oh well we'll see :) Anyways, that's it for this blog post. I am glad I am back to post, and have fun in the Spiral everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Luke GoldHorn said...

I'd really like to see variations of a fox mount. KingsIsle could add three variations: the Snowy Fox (white fox), Crimson Fox (regular red and white fox) and the Night Fox (kinda looks like a black cat pet as far as patterns and eye color). Students would ride on the fox's back like the tiger and lion mounts, however the fox would be thinner (kinda like the difference between a pony and a Dream Filly). Thanks for the oppurtunity for this!