September 14, 2011

Updates and News around the Spiral

Hello Wizards!

Today I am making a post about some events that are going on around the spiral now, or soon. Some of the things I am going to talk about are the Cancer Walk that the Evil theurgist will be having. A giveaway on Facebook from the Wizard101 Facebook Page, and a contest update. I will also be talking about a few other things in this post.

The Cancer Walk: 
This is the best Wizard101 event that could have ever been made. It has something to do with real life and a lot of people will be doing it for those who have had Cancer or have Cancer right now. I had a lot of family members that have had Cancer, and I know this event is a very good thing to do. I really want to thank the Evil Theurgist for having it. Here is some information I will be putting on my blog, and a link to the post that was made for the Cancer walk.

Date and Time- September 17th, 6:00 p.m. EST
Realm- All of the Vampire Realm
Video showing where the Cancer walk will take place-
I do not own this Video- Credit goes to Evil Theurgist

Wizard101 Weekly Giveaway:
Wizard101 has had very good giveaways on this weekly giveaway they have been announcing every Wednesday. On every Friday they announce the winners of the giveaways. This week they are giving away pagasus mounts. They will be sending one code out that gives two pagasus mounts. 10 people are eligible to win! I think that you should attend the event if you can't get the mount for a while. Here is a link for more information:

Contest Update and other Updates:
I have had some problems lately dealing with real life. I am sorry if I haven't been announcing much about the Contest. I think I may postpone the 10x10x10 contest to January do to the real life problems that have been happening. I was going to make the contest for this month when I first announced it. I am very sorry that I have to postpone it. It will be my choice to though. I will still have contests though until about Thanksgiving and then I will stop so I can get the cards :) I really hope everyone doesn't mind me postponing it until next year though. Lately I haven't been on Wizard101 much because of the real life issues. I hope that I will be able to get on Wizard101 soon so I can start blogging a lot more than I have been. Anyways, I think I am done with the post for today, and don't forget to attend the Cancer Walk if you can, also the Weekly giveaway, looks like Kingsisle has some very good giveaways coming up on the Wizard101 Facebook page :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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