October 20, 2011

Edward makes it to Mooshu!

Hello Wizards!

The other day I posted that I made it to Marleybone, well I am glad to announce that I made to Mooshu now, at level 36! Not to offend anyone who loves Marleybone, but I really don't like getting caught there every 5 minutes :) The worse spot getting caught was in the Katz Lab. I was getting caught there about 6-7 times in about 10 minutes. I am very glad I am out of Marleybone now though. Mooshu is a great world for experience and not getting caught. The best thing about Mooshu is, I am getting close to learning my wraith spell! It is a great death spell. I think I am doing better on leveling with the death school because they can hit the enemy and you can heal yourself at the same time :) Anyways, here are some photos of leveling through Marleybone and finally making to to Mooshu!

The End of Katz Lab!

Starting Counterweight East

Ra! Thanks Autumn Dreamwalker for helping me through the
dungeons! :)

Starting Counterweight West!

Finally Starting Big Ben!

Treasure Card- Gg!

The time has come to finally end Marleybone!

My ticket to Mooshu!

Hello Mooshu! Glad to meet ya :)

I am glad I finally did reach Mooshu, I am ready to level through Mooshu and make it to Dragonspyre and fight Malistaire! I can't wait :) Anyways, make sure to keep reading to see my entry to Dragonspyre and the end of Mooshu. I have been leveling so quick with help :) Thanks Autumn! Oh and I will be questing with Autumn's life character when I finally do reach her level, so you won't only be reading about my character! See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

October 18, 2011

Support Wizard101

Hello Wizards,

I have made a blog post about support wizard101 a couple of days ago. It will be starting today and I would like it if everyone who follows my blog could join. If you like the game wizard101, you should join the event. We are going to try to go all the way around Bartleby the tree with a dance line, so far 48 people are joining this event, I don't know if it is enough people and this is why I decided to make another blog post on this, so everyone can have one last chance to join. A couple of weeks ago I made a video and it was showing a dance line in the commons, well this time I want everyone to make a dance line around bartleby. It would be very cool if we did make a dance line all the way around Ravenwood right? Well lets try that today! Here is some information on this event..

When? Today, 5:00 p.m. central time- will be ending whenever everyone is ready to go.

Why? We love Wizard101!

Where? Ravenwood, Vampire Area one- You can port to me if you are on my friends list, or port to friends if you know they are there.

For more information: Go to this link- http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=280282338662355

I hope a lot of people can join and help try to get around bartleby. If not much do join, the event will be cancelled. For those who do join, thank you for attending :) I hope everyone can show their support to the game, I will be making a youtube video if we do get all the way around bartleby! Hopefully we do :) Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

October 17, 2011

Edward makes it to Marleybone!

Hello Wizards!

The past few days that I haven't been making blog posts, I have been leveling Edward through the rest of Krokotopia! Well I am not too excited about making it to Marleybone, only because of getting caught about... a million times in one day! :) I am kidding, I really do like Marleybone because it gives a lot of experience in leveling. I am sure I will be level 35 or 36 when I reach Mooshu, which I hope is soon. Another accomplishment I have made was reaching level 30 today! I am halfway to level 60 already, I would have been level 40 if nothing in real life went on, but I am glad I have made it to level 30 because I feel stronger than I did. I want to ask if anyone remembers my posts about what my likes and dislikes about each world, I don't think I put anything good for Marleybone. I might have put the.. um.. oh and I can't wait to make it to Mooshu! Anyways, here are a couple of photos of questing through Krokotopia, and finally making it to Marleybone.

Finally making it to the Tomb of Storms

My Scarecrow Dancing!

Random Photo

Defeating the last boss in Krokotopia! Vampire looks mad in this photo.
Or every photo? 

My Key to Marleybone


Well, I guess the last photo means I have to start a new adventure in a new world. This world reminds me of stormriven- means I don't really like it sometimes- I hope that I do get through this world quicker than I did on my first death character and the rest of my characters. I have to admit, the worst character I brought through this world was my storm, since this world has a lot of storm bosses it was hard trying to find a convert for the bosses, I also died a lot on my storm character, I have to say a million times because it felt like I did die on my storm character a million times. I am glad I am questing with a death character because he can kill and attack at the same time, this makes the death school a very unique school. I can't wait to get to Mooshu though since that's another favorite world of mine, that world also gives a lot of experience and can level you very quickly kind of like Celestia. Well I better get ready to level through this world, Wish me luck! I will need it :) Also, hope that I don't get caught when I get to Chelsea Court.

~ Edward Lifegem

October 14, 2011

Questing with Edward

Hello Wizards!

In the past few days I have actually made a lot of progress with my new death character Edward. Before then, I wasn't able to quest my new character at all. I am glad I am leveling my character right now though. It has been very fun leveling a new character again. Leveling a new character makes you feel like you are new to the game again, which makes me feel like I started the game yesterday :) One thing I don't like though is being called a "noob" if you just started the game. Anyways, I haven't been called that yet, hopefully not anytime soon :) Lately I have been questing through Krokotopia, and I am now at the end of Krokosphinx. I really don't like that area, I am glad I am almost done with that area! I have also been leveling my character through Wysteria when I reached level 25 yesterday. Well I completed the world of Wysteria in one day on my death character! I want to level fast to catch up on the days I haven't been able to level. My new character is now level 28, he is just about level 29! I am glad I made a new character because it makes me want to stay on Wizard101. One other reason I created a new death character is because my death power leveled, and I haven't even made it to Celestia or Dragonspyre. I am not going to power level again on any character. I am glad I made a new death so I can get through the worlds and get ready for my next set of new death spells in the future. Here are a few photos of my adventures through Krokotopia and Wysteria.

My death using Scarecrow, with my Scarecrow pet :)

Entering the Vault of Ice!

Starting Wysteria!

With that being a big book, why can't I read it?!

Saving the Spiral Cup! Anyone want to take any pictures for my bravery? :D

Woot! Extra Credit?!

Well that extra credit really did pay off, when my first death, was level 28 he was ending Marleybone. Yes I had 3 death characters! 1 Death I created a long time ago, when I first started the game in 2009. I created another death recently this year, and made another one a week ago. Don't think I love the death school because my favorite is really the ice school :) No offense to any death wizards out there! Death is really a great school too, just like the others. I had fun questing today and the days before that! I will give you another update when I started questing through Marleybone, and I will show you a few photos of the end of Krokotopia, wait Marleybone?! Noooooo.... I mean, I can't wait! I just love getting caught there :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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October 13, 2011

Audience Award goes to Wizard101!

Hello Everyone,

I knew Wizard101 would win this award when we first voted. Wizard101 is a very great game and there is no way they would have lost to another game :) I think wizard101 should have won more awards, but glad they won they Audience Award! Here is a video, uploaded and made Wizard101 Central, that I want to show you.

Near the end of the video, it was very funny. The announcer said that he had messages from a lot of wizard101 players that were asking for their wyvern hoard pack. Remember, you have to check your email to see if they sent it to you. They can't gift you it on your game, you would have to use a game code from them to redeem it. If you didn't resend the email that you voted for Wizard101, you won't be able to get the wyvern hoard pack, or the mystery pet. Here is a few quotes from the Wizard101 twitter after they won the award, and going to show you my responses to what they said on Twitter. I would like to tell them on my blog of what I think about what they said :)

Hurray! Wizard101 took home the Audience Award at the Game Developer's Choice Online Awards! Thank you for loving the game we love to make!

My response- Thank you for making the game we all love :) Your game is the best game online, in my words. I am sure it will be the best game online until you stop making it. Hopefully you don't though!

We wouldn't be where we are today without our great development team, our incredible fansites and each and every one of our players.

My Response- You guys have the best development  team, the best workers at Kingsisle, plus there are Fansites because they are a big fan of the game! :) I am glad you guys have fansites so I can go there and read their posts, or go to their site for great information! Everyone is glad to play Wizard101 because no one gets tired of it, even if they don't have a membership :)

We'll follow up with the promised mystery pet early next week, but now we're going to celebrate! Thank you all again for your support.

My Response- WOOT! I am glad Wizard101 won the award, and I bet you guys will win again next year, and more awards. I mean no matter what others say, no game could beat Wizard101 :) Even though I might not be here next year playing the game Wizard101 in October, you still have my vote, and I will be voting for Wizard101 :) I really want to attend an event like this one year, so I might be back to play Wizard101! Congrats again, and yeah you guys do have a great way to bribe us, with a mystery pet! Don't forget they said they will be giving it out early next week in an email. Before I end this post, make sure to follow every single blog and make sure to create a wizard101 central account at this link, you will see links to different places where you can sign up and subscribe to their blogs :) 

~ Edward Lifegem

- Oh and yeah, the Fansites on this page are awesome and deserve a lot of credit from every single person on the game :) You guys are great, and if Wizard101 didn't have you guys as a fansite, I still wouldn't be able to figure the game out to this date. You guys give out great information, and I am glad Kingsisle has listed you all as a fansite- even the community blog are fansites to me :)

October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving.. Already?!

Hello Wizards!

I have a few things to talk about, one would be.. Happy Thanksgiving Canada!! I know I have a few friends that are from Canada that play wizard101, and I hope they have a great Thanksgiving :) I can't wait till our Thanksgiving, which is over a month from now. Guess what I am thankful for on Wizard101? Well.... Having great Friends!! I mean if there wasn't a way to make friends on the game it would be dull. Plus I am sure I wouldn't even be level 60 on any of my characters if I didn't have help from good friends on the game. So this leads to the other thing I am going to be talking about, my new character that I have been leveling. One other thing I will be talking about is some of the situations on Facebook about giving out Passwords. Since this is the introduction of my blog post, let's talk about the situation on Facebook first.

Facebook- Giving out your Passwords

I am sure everyone has noticed by now that there have been a bunch of Todd Coleman's on Facebook. I know there is one that is real, but if they keep creating fake profiles, they will make people think that there are 5 or 6 Todd Coleman's. I have heard that they have been asking for your passwords, even though they do seem like the creator of the game, Kingsisle already said don't give out your password to anyone, not even them. They shows that they don't want you giving out your password. Some people do it everyday and they read it on the log in screen. If you don't follow the rules, it will always turn out bad. It says this on the log in screen.. Never share your Password- you will lose your wizard forever! Let me ask you if you are thinking about giving out your password to someone, are you ready to lose your account and wizards forever? Don't give out your password if you don't want to lose your wizards, simple as that.

My new character progress

Last time I had a blog post about Edward, I told you guys that my new character had reached Krokotopia. Well I have been leveling a little bit in that world, not too much though being gone a lot lately. I will be telling you more about leveling him tomorrow since I didn't really level much lately. I am having fun though leveling a new character, makes me feel like I am new at Wizard101 again!

Happy Thanksgiving :)
Last but not least, Happy Thanksgiving Canada! If you live in Canada, or have lived in Canada. I hope you guys have a great day, and - know that I love turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie!-- yeah have a great day :) Now I am hungry, hmm, I wonder why...

I do not own this photo

Have a great day everyone, and I hope your week/ Thanksgiving is fun! 

~ Edward Lifegem

October 6, 2011

Support to Wizard101

Hello Wizards,

I decided to make a post about something that I just thought of today, that would be a great event to do. I really don't know if its been done before, but I think it would be a great thing to do for those who work at Kingsisle and support to Wizard101. I was thinking about having an event in Ravenwood where we could try to get everyone to line up all the way around the tree of bartleby. We could dance around Bartleby to show our support for the game. I know it may be a little far fetched, but nothing is impossible! I have decided to make an event for this to see how much people can join. It would be nice if over 100 can join so we can have everyone go all the around Bartleby. If you can't join its okay! Just try to attend if you can :) I know everyone is busy during the day time so I will be making it in the afternoon, after school, or after work for others. Here is the event page on Facebook, if you are able to attend just click attend!


I am sure most have seen my video about supporting Wizard101, this is another reason I would like to have this event to prepare for it so a lot more can join this event. I am sure this event will turn out as a success. If you would like to see the video again, look down below.

There may be a little bit of contests for this event too! Make sure to keep reading my blog posts for that information :) Thanks for reading!

~ Edward Lifegem

October 5, 2011

Edward Starts Krokotopia!

Hello everyone,

As many know, I have a new character that I have been leveling and it has been a lot of fun leveling a new character. I am going to tell you and show you all of my adventures through wizard city. Last time I left off, I was just starting the new character and I was showing you guys the tutorial. Well I have made a lot of progress since then. He is now a level 18 necromancer, and he just started leveling through krokotopia. I actually finished all of the quests, including side quests in wizard city. It took a while to finish all of them, but I am glad I did finish them because it would be hard leveling in the next world if I was only level 11 or 12 when I finished wizard city and entered krokotopia. Remember to finish all of the side quests if you start a new character. I am not a big fan of the next 2 worlds I have to complete, but I am sure I will get through it :) Here are some pictures of my adventures through the game so far.

I  was using a thundersnake on Lady blackhope.. Ouch!

Oh and I am sure most do remember me using a lot of my stronger hits on Alicane, and there was a variety of spells that I used that hit 300,000+ Well after using those spells months ahead, I was very worried Alicane might have recognized me. Well.. he did.

Do I have to complete this quest, I would like to do another..

Well other than Alicane.. I also summoned a lot of minions throughout the past few days, I summoned a ghost, a ghoul, and a scarecrow! It was very cool when I summoned the scarecrow because that's my favorite death spell :) My favorite was skeletal dragon until I entered the helephant tower!

Just a normal day- summoning a ghost? 

Summoning Scarecrow!

Well looks like the ghoul I summoned went missing or I didn't get to take a photo of him. Oh well. Oh and other than summoning I also took a photo of finally making it to Krokotopia! It took forever, oh and plus I had some help :) I had help from Autumn Dreamwalker, and Sean Redhammer- Red-- Thanks for the help guys :) Okay here is the photo of finally making it to Krokotopia..

Thank you Bartleby! I am glad I can finally make it to the next world :)

Well that's it for this blog post, I will be making plenty of others through my adventures through krokotopia, and the.... yeah next world.. oh and Mooshu! :) I can't wait to blog about that world. Well see you around the Spiral, and oh, if you guys want to add my new character, comment below and we can find a place to meet! Thanks for reading :)

~ Edward Lifegem

October 4, 2011

Summer on Wizard101

Hello Wizards,

I have noticed that this Summer was terrible for Wizard101 for me. I really wish it wouldn't have been. It also was terrible with a lot of family problems going on. I am sure some may remember Wizard City Protectors right? Well, that had to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. It also had to be the greatest mistake I had made. Anyways, I haven't been paying attention to that anymore because I am not going to let it ruin every single last day until I leave wizard101 and blogging. I am sure by now everyone hates that group for some odd reason. So I won't be talking about it anymore, I just want to say that if someone makes a good group and gets in trouble for it, I really don't think its right. This goes along with my post from yesterday when a person I know had people stop following their blog and about 15 people removed them from Wizard101. I really didn't notice that the same thing is kind of happening to me lately. Some did remove me from Wizard101, which I noticed yesterday, and some did stop following my blog, and some don't even talk to me anymore. Well, to tell the truth, its really your choice to do that. I just don't understand why anyone would stop talking and stop being friends with someone because of something like that. I am not really part of the Wizard City protectors anymore because of that reason. I know some may not think I am a good friend because of it, but I think all of the people who did join wcp and wac are very good people to try to help the game. So after this post I am not talking about this group anymore, not on the Facebook, blog, twitter, or Wizard101. I will be focusing on my blog posts more often, and leveling my new character. So, other than that, I really want to say sorry to those who thought it was a bad group. Also sorry to those who may have thought I was a bad friend or person because of it, the truth is, I'm not, and the people who joined it isn't either. If some do want to keep up with the silent treatment, its okay. If some want to stop following my blog, well don't forget the post yesterday. Thanks for reading everyone.

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. I can't wait until this Winter, I have a feeling it will be better :)

October 3, 2011

If my blog was gone tomorrow.

Hello Wizards,

I am going to do another blog post about something that will not happen tomorrow, or any day. I will be keeping my blog up when I leave or even 5 years from now, this blog will still be up on the internet- if they don't delete blogger. Anyways, I would like to talk about something that I think is something good to talk about. If I deleted this blog and decided to quit Wizard101 and not log on again until a year later, and I noticed that when I brought my blog back up I only had 1 follower, and a couple of friends on Wizard101, I would feel very bad. One reason I would feel sad is because I have been blogging on this blog for a while, over 6 months and some days I would blog every single day. It takes time out of playing the game, or enjoying a new world. I like blogging though, and one thing I wouldn't be is mad about having 1 follower or having a couple friends on the game. I wouldn't be mad because I would still enjoy blogging even if everyone did stop following,  even though so much friends would have removed me, I would still enjoy the game. So, the reason I am talking about this because, this happened to someone I know on my friends list. I really do think it is rude to do something like that if someone decided to leave for a while. I know that not much would want to read a post like this, but I really wanted to get this out. Oh and even if you wanted to add someone who was very good at blogging, you shouldn't be adding them because they are well-known, you should be adding them because you know they might be a great friend, or you know you will be a great friend to them. If one of my friends had a blog that they had to quit and they were on my list, I would never remove them because they were gone for a little while. This counts for friends who have just been gone for, a week too. So my question is, why remove someone because of that? Also, don't be friends with someone if you know they giveaway things on Wizard101. That's very greedy if you ask me. I know this may be a boring blog post, I just wanted to see how many people agree with me that it is wrong to remove someone or stop following a blog if they stop blogging or stop playing Wizard101 a while. Comment below and tell me if you can, thank you!

~ Edward Lifegem

Halloween has made it to the Spiral!

Hello Wizards!

Well, Spooky Bob, Jack Hallow, Ghosts, and Pumpkins have made it to the Spiral! I am very glad it just made it to the spiral because I have my new character that needs to go talk to Jack Hallow right now! I am very glad Halloween made it earlier than I thought! One thing that I will be worried about soon, is going into the tower! Well my death character is doing great so far, so I am sure he can make it through there :)

Halloween Tower

For now instead of being worried about the Halloween tower...

Trick or treating!!

I am not going to blog about everything, so I suggest you get on the game, and enjoy Halloween early!

~ Edward Lifegem

October 2, 2011

Contest.. Winner Announced!

Hello Wizards!

The winner of the which mount would you like to be added is....


Luke Goldhorn!!

Congrats on winning Luke, You did a great job, and the mount you mentioned sounds like a very cool mount :) Here is his entry:

I'd really like to see variations of a fox mount. Kingsisle could add three variations: The snowy fox (white fox)-- also my favorite--, Crimson Fox (regular red and white fox) and the night fox ( kinda looks like a black cat pet as far as the patterns and eye color). Students would ride on the fox's back like the tiger and lion mounts, however the fox would be thinner ( kinda like the difference between the pony and a Dream filly). Thanks for the oppurtunity  for this..... and your welcome! :)

Oh and if you didn't win, don't forget there will always be more contests

~ Edward Lifegem

Wizard101 Dance Line

Hello Wizards!

Today I was in the commons, very tired. I was there about 4:00 a.m. after waking up and  anyone could be tired at 4:00 a.m.! I certainly was. Anyways, I was just standing around in the commons in Ambrose Area one, and a new good friend I have just met in the commons- Malorn Darkcloud- and I was standing in front of Blaze Shadowstone and I kept thinking of a dance line for some reason. I have no clue why I was thinking of dancing that early in the morning! Well we all decided to make a dance line, which started out as 4-5 people. So we all asked everyone to join if they wanted to. It ended up having at least 14 or more people! There may be bigger dance lines than this, but most of the wizards in the video wasn't my friend. Also, a lot of the commons was empty after nearly everyone there decided to join the dance line! I decided to make this video I am about to show you in support of Wizard101 and the great work they are doing to make the game. My support and I am sure everyone's support in the video to you! :)

I own this video! :)

Also, other than the dance line, here is my new good friend, Malorn and our Halloween Costumes!