October 13, 2011

Audience Award goes to Wizard101!

Hello Everyone,

I knew Wizard101 would win this award when we first voted. Wizard101 is a very great game and there is no way they would have lost to another game :) I think wizard101 should have won more awards, but glad they won they Audience Award! Here is a video, uploaded and made Wizard101 Central, that I want to show you.

Near the end of the video, it was very funny. The announcer said that he had messages from a lot of wizard101 players that were asking for their wyvern hoard pack. Remember, you have to check your email to see if they sent it to you. They can't gift you it on your game, you would have to use a game code from them to redeem it. If you didn't resend the email that you voted for Wizard101, you won't be able to get the wyvern hoard pack, or the mystery pet. Here is a few quotes from the Wizard101 twitter after they won the award, and going to show you my responses to what they said on Twitter. I would like to tell them on my blog of what I think about what they said :)

Hurray! Wizard101 took home the Audience Award at the Game Developer's Choice Online Awards! Thank you for loving the game we love to make!

My response- Thank you for making the game we all love :) Your game is the best game online, in my words. I am sure it will be the best game online until you stop making it. Hopefully you don't though!

We wouldn't be where we are today without our great development team, our incredible fansites and each and every one of our players.

My Response- You guys have the best development  team, the best workers at Kingsisle, plus there are Fansites because they are a big fan of the game! :) I am glad you guys have fansites so I can go there and read their posts, or go to their site for great information! Everyone is glad to play Wizard101 because no one gets tired of it, even if they don't have a membership :)

We'll follow up with the promised mystery pet early next week, but now we're going to celebrate! Thank you all again for your support.

My Response- WOOT! I am glad Wizard101 won the award, and I bet you guys will win again next year, and more awards. I mean no matter what others say, no game could beat Wizard101 :) Even though I might not be here next year playing the game Wizard101 in October, you still have my vote, and I will be voting for Wizard101 :) I really want to attend an event like this one year, so I might be back to play Wizard101! Congrats again, and yeah you guys do have a great way to bribe us, with a mystery pet! Don't forget they said they will be giving it out early next week in an email. Before I end this post, make sure to follow every single blog and make sure to create a wizard101 central account at this link, you will see links to different places where you can sign up and subscribe to their blogs :) 

~ Edward Lifegem

- Oh and yeah, the Fansites on this page are awesome and deserve a lot of credit from every single person on the game :) You guys are great, and if Wizard101 didn't have you guys as a fansite, I still wouldn't be able to figure the game out to this date. You guys give out great information, and I am glad Kingsisle has listed you all as a fansite- even the community blog are fansites to me :)

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