October 2, 2011

Contest.. Winner Announced!

Hello Wizards!

The winner of the which mount would you like to be added is....


Luke Goldhorn!!

Congrats on winning Luke, You did a great job, and the mount you mentioned sounds like a very cool mount :) Here is his entry:

I'd really like to see variations of a fox mount. Kingsisle could add three variations: The snowy fox (white fox)-- also my favorite--, Crimson Fox (regular red and white fox) and the night fox ( kinda looks like a black cat pet as far as the patterns and eye color). Students would ride on the fox's back like the tiger and lion mounts, however the fox would be thinner ( kinda like the difference between the pony and a Dream filly). Thanks for the oppurtunity  for this..... and your welcome! :)

Oh and if you didn't win, don't forget there will always be more contests

~ Edward Lifegem

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Luke GoldHorn said...

Thanks so much Edward! I wound up giving the code to a friend who is returning to the game and trying to buy all the areas. She is going to use it to buy some of WT. Thanks so much!

P.S: My favorite is the Snowy Fox too ;D