October 17, 2011

Edward makes it to Marleybone!

Hello Wizards!

The past few days that I haven't been making blog posts, I have been leveling Edward through the rest of Krokotopia! Well I am not too excited about making it to Marleybone, only because of getting caught about... a million times in one day! :) I am kidding, I really do like Marleybone because it gives a lot of experience in leveling. I am sure I will be level 35 or 36 when I reach Mooshu, which I hope is soon. Another accomplishment I have made was reaching level 30 today! I am halfway to level 60 already, I would have been level 40 if nothing in real life went on, but I am glad I have made it to level 30 because I feel stronger than I did. I want to ask if anyone remembers my posts about what my likes and dislikes about each world, I don't think I put anything good for Marleybone. I might have put the.. um.. oh and I can't wait to make it to Mooshu! Anyways, here are a couple of photos of questing through Krokotopia, and finally making it to Marleybone.

Finally making it to the Tomb of Storms

My Scarecrow Dancing!

Random Photo

Defeating the last boss in Krokotopia! Vampire looks mad in this photo.
Or every photo? 

My Key to Marleybone


Well, I guess the last photo means I have to start a new adventure in a new world. This world reminds me of stormriven- means I don't really like it sometimes- I hope that I do get through this world quicker than I did on my first death character and the rest of my characters. I have to admit, the worst character I brought through this world was my storm, since this world has a lot of storm bosses it was hard trying to find a convert for the bosses, I also died a lot on my storm character, I have to say a million times because it felt like I did die on my storm character a million times. I am glad I am questing with a death character because he can kill and attack at the same time, this makes the death school a very unique school. I can't wait to get to Mooshu though since that's another favorite world of mine, that world also gives a lot of experience and can level you very quickly kind of like Celestia. Well I better get ready to level through this world, Wish me luck! I will need it :) Also, hope that I don't get caught when I get to Chelsea Court.

~ Edward Lifegem

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