October 20, 2011

Edward makes it to Mooshu!

Hello Wizards!

The other day I posted that I made it to Marleybone, well I am glad to announce that I made to Mooshu now, at level 36! Not to offend anyone who loves Marleybone, but I really don't like getting caught there every 5 minutes :) The worse spot getting caught was in the Katz Lab. I was getting caught there about 6-7 times in about 10 minutes. I am very glad I am out of Marleybone now though. Mooshu is a great world for experience and not getting caught. The best thing about Mooshu is, I am getting close to learning my wraith spell! It is a great death spell. I think I am doing better on leveling with the death school because they can hit the enemy and you can heal yourself at the same time :) Anyways, here are some photos of leveling through Marleybone and finally making to to Mooshu!

The End of Katz Lab!

Starting Counterweight East

Ra! Thanks Autumn Dreamwalker for helping me through the
dungeons! :)

Starting Counterweight West!

Finally Starting Big Ben!

Treasure Card- Gg!

The time has come to finally end Marleybone!

My ticket to Mooshu!

Hello Mooshu! Glad to meet ya :)

I am glad I finally did reach Mooshu, I am ready to level through Mooshu and make it to Dragonspyre and fight Malistaire! I can't wait :) Anyways, make sure to keep reading to see my entry to Dragonspyre and the end of Mooshu. I have been leveling so quick with help :) Thanks Autumn! Oh and I will be questing with Autumn's life character when I finally do reach her level, so you won't only be reading about my character! See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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