October 5, 2011

Edward Starts Krokotopia!

Hello everyone,

As many know, I have a new character that I have been leveling and it has been a lot of fun leveling a new character. I am going to tell you and show you all of my adventures through wizard city. Last time I left off, I was just starting the new character and I was showing you guys the tutorial. Well I have made a lot of progress since then. He is now a level 18 necromancer, and he just started leveling through krokotopia. I actually finished all of the quests, including side quests in wizard city. It took a while to finish all of them, but I am glad I did finish them because it would be hard leveling in the next world if I was only level 11 or 12 when I finished wizard city and entered krokotopia. Remember to finish all of the side quests if you start a new character. I am not a big fan of the next 2 worlds I have to complete, but I am sure I will get through it :) Here are some pictures of my adventures through the game so far.

I  was using a thundersnake on Lady blackhope.. Ouch!

Oh and I am sure most do remember me using a lot of my stronger hits on Alicane, and there was a variety of spells that I used that hit 300,000+ Well after using those spells months ahead, I was very worried Alicane might have recognized me. Well.. he did.

Do I have to complete this quest, I would like to do another..

Well other than Alicane.. I also summoned a lot of minions throughout the past few days, I summoned a ghost, a ghoul, and a scarecrow! It was very cool when I summoned the scarecrow because that's my favorite death spell :) My favorite was skeletal dragon until I entered the helephant tower!

Just a normal day- summoning a ghost? 

Summoning Scarecrow!

Well looks like the ghoul I summoned went missing or I didn't get to take a photo of him. Oh well. Oh and other than summoning I also took a photo of finally making it to Krokotopia! It took forever, oh and plus I had some help :) I had help from Autumn Dreamwalker, and Sean Redhammer- Red-- Thanks for the help guys :) Okay here is the photo of finally making it to Krokotopia..

Thank you Bartleby! I am glad I can finally make it to the next world :)

Well that's it for this blog post, I will be making plenty of others through my adventures through krokotopia, and the.... yeah next world.. oh and Mooshu! :) I can't wait to blog about that world. Well see you around the Spiral, and oh, if you guys want to add my new character, comment below and we can find a place to meet! Thanks for reading :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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