October 3, 2011

If my blog was gone tomorrow.

Hello Wizards,

I am going to do another blog post about something that will not happen tomorrow, or any day. I will be keeping my blog up when I leave or even 5 years from now, this blog will still be up on the internet- if they don't delete blogger. Anyways, I would like to talk about something that I think is something good to talk about. If I deleted this blog and decided to quit Wizard101 and not log on again until a year later, and I noticed that when I brought my blog back up I only had 1 follower, and a couple of friends on Wizard101, I would feel very bad. One reason I would feel sad is because I have been blogging on this blog for a while, over 6 months and some days I would blog every single day. It takes time out of playing the game, or enjoying a new world. I like blogging though, and one thing I wouldn't be is mad about having 1 follower or having a couple friends on the game. I wouldn't be mad because I would still enjoy blogging even if everyone did stop following,  even though so much friends would have removed me, I would still enjoy the game. So, the reason I am talking about this because, this happened to someone I know on my friends list. I really do think it is rude to do something like that if someone decided to leave for a while. I know that not much would want to read a post like this, but I really wanted to get this out. Oh and even if you wanted to add someone who was very good at blogging, you shouldn't be adding them because they are well-known, you should be adding them because you know they might be a great friend, or you know you will be a great friend to them. If one of my friends had a blog that they had to quit and they were on my list, I would never remove them because they were gone for a little while. This counts for friends who have just been gone for, a week too. So my question is, why remove someone because of that? Also, don't be friends with someone if you know they giveaway things on Wizard101. That's very greedy if you ask me. I know this may be a boring blog post, I just wanted to see how many people agree with me that it is wrong to remove someone or stop following a blog if they stop blogging or stop playing Wizard101 a while. Comment below and tell me if you can, thank you!

~ Edward Lifegem


Diana Wildheart said...

That very good post. Yea that why i have limst friends list even they beg for main char. I have hard time to remove and add. I rather leave my Legendary life alone with friends list. but I have like 11 wizards and 10 are available for anyone who want add. For blog giveaway, should be careful, I wish that KI have a chance that we can click on crown stuff to become code number to give away to someone who win, you know what I mean? That will be nice and save my times and your times, too. So, Good luck to everyone to thinking about it. :)

Drake McNew said...

I completely agree with you and Diana. My old friend Tristan DeathSword came back from a 2 year voyage across the whole world irl, and when he came back he only had one friend, me. Later that night he decided since no one would remember him, that he should delete his W101 account. But i remember him.

I think it isn't fair that people do those things, but it is life. And i also agree with Diana on the code number. That is a good idea, and would be a WHOLE lot simpler.

From your dear friend,
Sir Wolf Blood