October 14, 2011

Questing with Edward

Hello Wizards!

In the past few days I have actually made a lot of progress with my new death character Edward. Before then, I wasn't able to quest my new character at all. I am glad I am leveling my character right now though. It has been very fun leveling a new character again. Leveling a new character makes you feel like you are new to the game again, which makes me feel like I started the game yesterday :) One thing I don't like though is being called a "noob" if you just started the game. Anyways, I haven't been called that yet, hopefully not anytime soon :) Lately I have been questing through Krokotopia, and I am now at the end of Krokosphinx. I really don't like that area, I am glad I am almost done with that area! I have also been leveling my character through Wysteria when I reached level 25 yesterday. Well I completed the world of Wysteria in one day on my death character! I want to level fast to catch up on the days I haven't been able to level. My new character is now level 28, he is just about level 29! I am glad I made a new character because it makes me want to stay on Wizard101. One other reason I created a new death character is because my death power leveled, and I haven't even made it to Celestia or Dragonspyre. I am not going to power level again on any character. I am glad I made a new death so I can get through the worlds and get ready for my next set of new death spells in the future. Here are a few photos of my adventures through Krokotopia and Wysteria.

My death using Scarecrow, with my Scarecrow pet :)

Entering the Vault of Ice!

Starting Wysteria!

With that being a big book, why can't I read it?!

Saving the Spiral Cup! Anyone want to take any pictures for my bravery? :D

Woot! Extra Credit?!

Well that extra credit really did pay off, when my first death, was level 28 he was ending Marleybone. Yes I had 3 death characters! 1 Death I created a long time ago, when I first started the game in 2009. I created another death recently this year, and made another one a week ago. Don't think I love the death school because my favorite is really the ice school :) No offense to any death wizards out there! Death is really a great school too, just like the others. I had fun questing today and the days before that! I will give you another update when I started questing through Marleybone, and I will show you a few photos of the end of Krokotopia, wait Marleybone?! Noooooo.... I mean, I can't wait! I just love getting caught there :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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