October 4, 2011

Summer on Wizard101

Hello Wizards,

I have noticed that this Summer was terrible for Wizard101 for me. I really wish it wouldn't have been. It also was terrible with a lot of family problems going on. I am sure some may remember Wizard City Protectors right? Well, that had to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. It also had to be the greatest mistake I had made. Anyways, I haven't been paying attention to that anymore because I am not going to let it ruin every single last day until I leave wizard101 and blogging. I am sure by now everyone hates that group for some odd reason. So I won't be talking about it anymore, I just want to say that if someone makes a good group and gets in trouble for it, I really don't think its right. This goes along with my post from yesterday when a person I know had people stop following their blog and about 15 people removed them from Wizard101. I really didn't notice that the same thing is kind of happening to me lately. Some did remove me from Wizard101, which I noticed yesterday, and some did stop following my blog, and some don't even talk to me anymore. Well, to tell the truth, its really your choice to do that. I just don't understand why anyone would stop talking and stop being friends with someone because of something like that. I am not really part of the Wizard City protectors anymore because of that reason. I know some may not think I am a good friend because of it, but I think all of the people who did join wcp and wac are very good people to try to help the game. So after this post I am not talking about this group anymore, not on the Facebook, blog, twitter, or Wizard101. I will be focusing on my blog posts more often, and leveling my new character. So, other than that, I really want to say sorry to those who thought it was a bad group. Also sorry to those who may have thought I was a bad friend or person because of it, the truth is, I'm not, and the people who joined it isn't either. If some do want to keep up with the silent treatment, its okay. If some want to stop following my blog, well don't forget the post yesterday. Thanks for reading everyone.

~ Edward Lifegem

P.s. I can't wait until this Winter, I have a feeling it will be better :)


seanredhammer said...

Winter will be better because I am ice :P- Sean RedHammer a.k.a. RED

Luke GoldHorn said...

It's ok Ed, people make mistakes. If some people have problems accepting the ones you made, it might be best not to talk to them because they probably aren't a good friend for leaving you anyway. I enjoy your posts and you should keep looking on the bright side. You've got a ton of followers and friends. It's hard to make everyone like you, quite frankly impossible. So just take some time to smell the flower, 'k?


Luke GoldHorn

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! :)