November 29, 2011

Edward Firegem receives Rain of Fire (Volcano)

Hello Wizards!

I am back to blogging and playing wizard101 for a little until Christmas- a week before - and I will be gone alot of days next month. So I won't be able to blog much the end of 2011. I will start blogging more in 2012, including the contest 10x10x10 :) Watch out for that everyone! I can't wait to start that contest! Anyways, just like the title says, my fire character finally did receive his fire spell, which was a big achievement for me, I also received my phoenix pet! Does anyone remember me saying it would take a long time to get my phoenix pet? Well it did take months, not a year like I thought :D

The word around Wizard101: 

I am hearing that a lot of people dislike the fire spell for some odd reason, and comparing it to Sirens, which is a weaker spell. Some are saying sirens is overpowered. I think that Sirens is a great spell now, and not overpowered. Its just some of those wizards who haven't used the spell yet who are saying it is. Here is the difference between rain of fire and the rest of the spells...

Rain of Fire does an amount of 300+ 800 over 3 rounds. Volcano beats the record of the strongest spell in the game now with the most damage of 1100 to all enemies. Its even stronger than Leviathan which does 1030 damage to one enemy. Even though storm may have more damage than the other schools rain of fire is now the strongest spell in the game :) Just because it does 800 over 3 rounds doesn't mean its not the strongest spell in the game.Imagine using this spell with 2 blades! I can't even imagine how much damage it would do to all enemies. So no matter what others say about this spell, remember its the strongest spell in the game now :) Fire Rules!!

Never want more fire!!

 - all photos

I think all of the level 68 spells are my favorite now :) Next spell to get is the Woolly Mammoth. I really do like that spell! This is another strong spell which does 800-900 damage plus a stun to one enemy! I really do like this spell and I am glad that the ice school is finally improving on damage. I can't wait to replace this spell with colossus. Sorry colossus! Anyways, other than the level 68 spells, to end this blog post I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I am ready for Christmas, and can't wait until Kingsisle releases the Christmas items in the game. I wish they would release Christmas quests along with the update... Oh well :) At least there is something with Christmas on the game. Have fun around the Spiral everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving/ Happy Holidays!

Hello Wizards!

I decided to make this post early since I won't be online wizard101 or be blogging until next week. Earlier I asked on Facebook and Twitter: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? -- Between Twitter and Facebook most people said pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin pie too, its not my favorite though, my favorite food is turkey! I also like mashed potatoes and gravy with it :) A few other friends said deviled eggs, and mashed potatoes. Talking about food is really making me hungry, I should end this post soon ! :P I am not trying to tell everyone to stay off of Wizard101 on Thanksgiving, but make sure you do spend time with your family, that's part of the reason for the holidays :) So who will be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving parade this year? I try to watch all of it, but it lasts a long time! Its kind of like watching a 2 hour movie, with commercials /: I dislike commercials! Lol.  Anyways, I can't wait until tomorrow! The start of the holiday season/ the best time of the year! My favorite holiday is Christmas, a time where everyone is nicer to each other. Which wants me to post a Christmas song at the end of the post. Thanksgiving and Christmas are basically one holiday a month apart to me. I would like to ask those on here that are reading my post to comment below and tell me what your favorite food for Thanksgiving if you want. Okay I think I should end this post now! I have to go, I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving, stay safe!

I do not own this video.

Idea for Christmas: 
I think Kingsisle should plan on making Christmas quests, I think most people celebrate Christmas other than Halloween! It would be very cool to have a Christmas quest on the game, I know a lot of people have already thought of that, I just wanted to put it out there so everyone could know about it. For example: A tower in colossus boulevard, which is really a Christmas tower. It would be very cool collecting Christmas items. For the card, I think it should be the Christmas snowman and Christmas Elf... You know how they have black cats for Halloween? Well that could be for the cards for Christmas. Well I am sure I said Christmas 101 times already... 102.. Anyways, just an idea :) Tell me what you think about that, and tell me your favorite food below in a comment if you want. Thanks for reading everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to you, and Happy Thanksgiving to Wizard101-Kingsisle! 

See you all next week!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 19, 2011

Edward Stormgem gets Sirens! / Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Wizards,

I want everyone to guess how long I had to quest without even going to Zafaria yet, to get sirens. I will tell you how long at the end of this blog post. First, I am going to talk about a few things I have been doing on the game since yesterday though. When Wintertusk was released, I never did get my kraken pet because I wanted to save some of the experience for the next world so I could get a head start on leveling. I am very glad I finally did get my kraken pet, that means I can start using a new pet now instead of Stormzilla. It also means that I will be able to get better statistics on my storm from my pet :) Here are a few goals I have accomplished since yesterday...

1) Get my Kraken Pet and finish Wintertusk.
2) Level to 68 and get Sirens
3) Play Wizard101 a lot more than I have been- trust me I have.

Those are the 3 main goals I have accomplished since leveling yesterday. I am just going to say it took FOREVER to finish all of the goals there. Well at least it felt like forever when it may not seem like long to others. Here are a few photos of my storm character questing through Wintertusk, and Celestia and at long last getting his level 68 storm spell!

Kraken In Wintertusk!


Another Epic Photo with the Storm Symbol!

Storm Lord- with 2 of the crabs in the Grotto.. Worst Quest Ever! lol

Stormzilla up close!

Storm Lord zaps the boss for the siren spell!

Summoning Siren in Cyclops Lane!


Finally using it in a battle in Triton Avenue! :)

I really didn't have much fun questing through Celestia, but I am glad I finally did receive the level 68 storm spell. All day I kept thinking it was the test realm, when it really is the live realm. Glad it is the live realm, that means I get to keep the sirens spell forever! :D

I won't be able to blog after this post a while since next week is Thanksgiving. I won't be on the game much either, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have a safe, thankful holiday :) I will be making a short post the day before Thanksgiving though. Watch out for that :) Bye Everyone!

Have fun in the Spiral, and have a fun Holiday :)

~Edward Lifegem

Here is a photo of the level 68 storm Spell for those who want to see what damage it does, and effects. By the way, yesterday I was on 12 hours, and today 4 hours! Here is the photo of me getting sirens!

November 18, 2011

Zafaria= Live Realm= Gotta Quest!

Hello Wizards!

Later on Zafaria will be released in the live realm. That went quickly through the test realm, I guess everyone was ready for it to be released to the live realm :) I am going to quest on my storm character first this time, and anyone who quests on their balance who is on my list, show me the spell please! I am really going to miss it on the live game. Even though I uploaded it on youtube, I would still like to see it on the live game. Oh and... Balance is Awesome! Yeah I said it! I think balance really did make a turning point for me because before all of the spells were kinda boring, I think Chimera is a very good spell, and those saying it isn't; you really need to use it before you say its bad. Anyways, my storm is in Celestia and he will get extra experience before reaching Zafaria! That means I can get my storm spell soon through Zafaria and it will be easier to quest through there. What school are you guys planning on leveling?

Before Zafaria was even released, I had so much trouble trying to think of what storm spell that would be adding to Wizard101. I think this spell right here is the strongest possible storm spell ever! At first it did 930 damage to all enemies and the effects, that was a little bit too strong, glad they lowered it down. I really don't know how much damage the spell does now, we will see though. I am glad they lowered it down a little bit even though I am planning on leveling my storm character first. The reason I am glad they lowered the damage down is because that spell could defeat everyone in pvp if there was an all storm team and they all used it at the same time. Can you imagine that? Ouch!! Even though I don't pvp I am sure everyone who does would probably be mad at the storm school. Some are still mad because of the tempest spamming in pvp. Make it fair storm wizards who pvp. My wraith will be watching.... LOL

Wow, Scary.

Well good luck on leveling through Zafaria when the game is finally online, which probably will be 10:00 a.m. Central time from the log in screen for Wizard101. Well time to find something to do until that time. Hopefully I won't keep looking at the log in screen and try to log in. I usually do that when there is a new update- celestia - this time I am planning on not doing that. Here is a link to the update notes for Zafaria:

See you all around the Spiral, and Zafaria!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 15, 2011

Edward makes it to Dragonspyre!

Hello Wizards!

Lately I have been busy with real life, until yesterday. Yesterday I finished Mooshu! My least favorite part of Mooshu was the Cave of Solitude, I kept getting caught there when I was trying to level. I think that area is worse than Marleybone. Glad I finally did get pass that area though. My favorite area of Mooshu was Kishibe Village, I usually go through that area very fast, that's why its my favorite area :) I didn't have too much trouble getting through the world, I had some help from Autumn Dreamwalker. Thanks! Anyways, I also made it to level 45! I finally had the chance to get some Dragonspyre clothes which made my stats way better than they were. Here are a few photos of my adventures through Mooshu and my entry to Dragonspyre..

Death Bat!

Should I go into the blue light?!

Random Photo

Another blue light? I guess I will walk through this one too.

Shouldn't have walked through the blue light,  I have to fight a boss!

Death Oni!

Seriously, what's with these spooky blue lights?!

Ninja pigs on the main boss of Mooshu- Life Oni


Gg! Won the battle :)

This quest was called Bad Blood- Should have been called
Bad Mood


I had to cheat with skeletal dragon!

Another epic photo of Cyrus using a myth card

After the battle


Well I hope you made it through all of photos of my adventures through Mooshu, I actually had a lot more but I didn't want to make an entire post of photos! It did take a lot longer to get out of Mooshu, I should have been out at least 5 days ago. Well I am glad I am finally out and in Dragonspyre, I am going to stop questing when I get to level 60 to save some experience for Zafaria when its released later on. I am hoping it gets released a couple of weeks before Christmas and not right before Thanksgiving. I have way too many things to do in real life during the holiday season. Oh and I hope you guys like my background, I am planning on changing it soon to say Happy Thanksgiving, and then the day after Thanksgiving- Black Friday- It's going to say Merry Christmas. Yes, I love the holidays as you can tell :) Oh and I am very sorry for not posting so much lately, I always get busy during the holiday season. Well I guess its time to end this blog post..

See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 12, 2011

Zafaria Likes and Dislikes

Hello Wizards!

For those who have been on the test realm, are you enjoying Zafaria and all of the new updates?! I really am, they have added so much things that I have wanted on the game in the last month or two. The first thing I really wanted Kingsisle to add was new astral crown gear, I really wanted to see this in the crowns shop again, and I actually mentioned something about the old crown gear about a month ago. Glad they have added that! Another thing was of course a new world, zafaria is a great world and I am sure everyone will enjoy this world. For those planning on power leveling, you are really going to miss out on a lot. Anyways, my favorite area of Zafaria would have to be the Savannah,  least favorite would have to be the Drum Jungle. This gets me started on my blog post today, remember a while back when I mentioned my likes and dislikes about each world, well its time for Zafaria!

The graphics to this area are way better than the Celestia world, or any other world. They really did a great job on designing this world, No wonder it took a year! I am sure if I even tried designing something like this world it wouldn't be out for another.. 10 years. So those who were complaining about KI not adding enough, they added the new wold, and make sure you enjoy it before questing through the world very fast.

Lots of experience from this world, finally talking to Morganthe, and the new spells! That sums all of the favorites about this world, now time for the dislikes..

Getting caught.. Kinda reminds me of Marleybone in some of the areas... Drum Jungle... Anyways, that's the only dislike about this world. There is really nothing to dislike about a great world.

What's your likes and dislikes about this new world? Comment below if you want, and, yes I did upload this video of Chimera, I have put it on my blog posts before, I guess I will put it on here one more time so everyone can see. Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 11, 2011

Crown Items!- Test Realm


Yeah, I am excited that they finally did add something that I wanted Kingsisle to add for a while! They finally added back some of the moon and star wizard gear! I think this really does make wizard101 seem like a wizard game. Here is a photo of my character and the stats on the gear..

To make the post short, since I don't really have much time to make a blog post, not only is this the only new gear, there is also one for each school! They cost 12500 crowns, I think its a great offer, they have very good stats, thank you KI! Here is a picture from the crowns shop..

Have fun in the Spiral, and I hope the items in the crowns shop make it to the live realm! I really do like them :)

~ Edward Lifegem

November 9, 2011

Giving out your account information? No!

Hello Wizards!

My Note:
I want to ask all of you if you would believe, if a random person with no check, or not business card came up to you in real life and said you won a million dollars, and all you had to do was give a lot of personal information to them in order to get the "zero" million dollars. Would you? I am sure most will say no way! You should say no way if someone asks tells you they will give you 100,000 crowns if you give them your password. On Facebook there has been a lot of problems with people pretending to be Kingsisle, or work for Kingsisle, saying they would give you gifts if you give them your password. I didn't even add any of them because I know that Kingsisle wouldn't ask for the password when they already have your password in the memory of the game! Why would they need it again? Plus if Kingsisle did give out 100,000 crowns to everyone, there wouldn't even be a wizard101 anymore because they would run out of money to make the game. Wizard101 is a great game, and some people would say anything to try to steal an account of yours. If you want to play wizard101 on your legendary or transcended character, I suggest you to not give out your password. Not even if you are level 1.

Headmasters Note:

Hey Gang,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to warn you of a scam that has been going on recently. People have been going onto Facebook and into the game and pretending to be me -- or another member of the KI staff -- and offering to give out "free items" or "crowns" in exchange for providing them your user account and password information.

We have said this before, but it bears repeating:

Kingsisle Employees will NEVER ask you for your account information or password. NEVER. ( Why would we? We already have your account information!)

If someone is asking you for your account information, that individual is likely trying to trick you and steal your account. DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!

Kingsisle staff members have a game badge that says, "kingsisle support" -- If someone is claiming to work for Kingsisle and cannot or will not show you this badge, please report them immediately.

Some players have asked if I maintain a Facebook fan profile, I do, in fact, and I post there periodically. For those who are interested, it can be found here:

Any other profile page claiming to be me is also a fake/imposter, likely created to steal the accounts (and crowns) from unsuspecting players. My ONLY official fan page is the one listed above.

Thank you for your time and attention, for enjoying our game.

More information:
If you want to read it yourself its on the Ravenwood Bulletin for November 1st-

Don't forget to look at the log in screen before you log completely in the game..

NEVER share your password- you will lose your Wizard forever!

November 5, 2011

My thoughts about the level 68 Spells

Hello Everyone,

Lately a lot of people were disappointed in some of level 68 spells. I think that some may be too over powered and some are a little bit rank 8 instead of rank 9. Here are my thoughts about the spells and what should have been added, if you want you can comment and tell me what you think should have been added. I am not trying to say the spells are bad, just saying what could help them :)

There are really a lot of things to say about this spell. First, it is overpowered, way too tough. I would understand if it was against the boss, but this time I am going to mention Pvp. Imagine if you were in a ranked match in pvp and there was a pvp team, 3 storm wizards and 1 life wizard. Imagine if one of them used siren, and two of the other storm characters used a gargantuan tempest, and the life healed if the storms health was too low. The next round they would all hit with tempest again, and you would most likely lose the match if they had gargantuan on tempest and sirens. Sirens also has effects, which makes it even tougher than it already is. Not trying to be mean to storm wizards out there, but this spell may need a lower hit, about 815 with less effects, it would still be strong, but not as strong. The storm spell does 915 to all enemies, and -50 accuracy to all enemies, and stuns for one round..

Woolly Mammoth:
I really do like this spell, I don't think there could be anything to change about this spell. It does 800-900 damage on one enemy and stuns for one round. Kingsisle really did do a great job on this spell :) I can't wait to use it when it is released to the live realm!

Rain of Fire(Volcano):
I think this may be the best level 58 spell in the game. There are a lot of people complaining about it though, which I have no clue why, since it is a very strong spell! This spell does 300+ 800 over 3 rounds, to all enemies! This is way tougher than snow angel. I can't wait to get this spell on my fire :)

This card should have hit all enemies since life only has one card that does- forest lord- it does 780-880 and dispels the next 2 life spells. I think the gnome should have done 780-880 to all enemies, even if it didn't have a effect. Oh well, maybe next time life will get another strong attack to all enemies. I really do like the gnome spell though, it still does a lot more damage than centaur or forest lord :)

I love this spell, this made me like balance a lot more than I do. It really is a strong spell, a good idea though, would be to add a dispel for life death and myth along with the attack, since balance doesn't get very much effects with their cards. Even if KI doesn't, it still is a great spell.

Katzenstein's Monster(Frankenstein):
This death spell should have had a hit all and convert. Scarecrow is the only card that does hit all enemies, along with life, they don't have much ht all spells. We never know though, maybe Kingsisle has great plans for life, death, and myth in the future. This card does 820 damage to one enemy, and converts half to heal you.

Very good new myth spell. It does a lot of damage to one enemy, and myth did need a spell like this. This card does 325 myth damage + 825 myth damage over 3 rounds, plus a stun. I was thinking myth should have had a hit all, but this spell does do a lot of damage to make myth stronger than it was before.

What a Change??

Like I said in the introduction of this blog post, I think that some of the spells, not all of them are rank 8 spells more than rank 9 spells. Some people may replace the Frankenstein with scarecrow or skeletal dragon instead of using that spell, I might sometimes. Chimera also seems like a rank 8 spell to me, since it doesn't have any effects when the other spells, other than myth and fire, do. The myth and the fire spells are rank 9 spells, they are very tough, and the storm.. well... its kind of like rank 11! When I say rank, I mean the pips you have to use in order to cast the spell. Storm really does seem like a rank 11 spell that is hidden in a rank 9 spell. Well maybe Kingsisle will change some of the spells before it hits live realm. I remember the a few of the spells changing when Celestia was released. We'll see :) If you want, tell me what you think about the new spells and what you would want to be changed in a comment below. See you all in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

- If you guys would like a look at the level 68 spells go to this link:

November 4, 2011

Zafaria- Test Realm

Hello Wizards!

I am sure everyone who is reading right now did look at my video that I made about 4 hours ago from now. Wow, it took forever to get to that point in the test realm even with crowns. I had to save my crowns- 25,000- for minions to help me level through and a new mount and pet :) It was very fun leveling my balance character through there, I just wish there wouldn't have been so many balance bosses. Just a warning to the balance wizards out there, make sure to put in hydra or spectral blast when fighting a balance boss, if you don't it might not turn out good! Anyways, other than the balance school, I have noticed that the storm wizards actually have it easy through the world; They actually can use tempest with gargantuan to get rid of all of the enemies the first round if they wanted to. I am not trying to be mean to any of the storm wizards, I just think that Kingsisle should have maybe gave the hit all spell to the life school, since they only have one, or maybe the myth school. Other than that I think that all of the spells are very great! The ice school finally did get a one hit spell, which means I will be staying until we get another all enemy hit spell :) I really want to see another strong hit for the ice school. I have to say all of the new spells are favorites of mine! I can't wait to get them on my characters. It will take forever to get them though, all together I will be leveling 70 levels with my legendary characters put together, plus I have to level my death character still! Well I am hoping I get done leveling my death character by Thanksgiving. If not I might have to start in December. Anyways, here are a few videos that I have made, one of them is the new spell- Chimera, which I can't spell sometimes--

I own this video

Another video I made on Youtube was the Gnome Spell, I may have underestimated this in the video, it actually does look cool. In the video it went by too fast. It has great effects, and I am sure any life character would like this spell, including me :)

I also own this video

If you don't want to watch the videos on my site, go to this link:

I had so much fun yesterday and today leveling through Zafaria, I am going to say Zafaria is my favorite world, and I can't wait to return there on the live realm on all of my characters! I may stop leveling on the test realm so I can get my characters to the place they need to be on the live realm. I think everyone should do that if you are behind and you are not yet finished with Celestia. Wish me luck in Celestia, it may be very boring because Celestia wasn't really a favorite world of mine. Day #1 of Celestia begins tomorrow, and Day #1 of leveling Edward also begins tomorrow. If you would like to go to the test realm make sure to go to this link and download the test realm if you don't have it downloaded yet:
See you all around the Spiral!!

~ Edward Lifegem

November 3, 2011

300th Post!

Hello Wizards!

Well I have to say there were a lot of new cards, surprises, new crown items, and new world mentions since I have been gone! I have been gone about 2 weeks already from blogging, and there have been a lot of things going on in Wizard101! When the new card was released I had a feeling it had something to do with the new world, I am glad it did because this African world looks very cool :) I have seen the video already, that's one thing I will be talking about in this post. Another thing is... the... NEW SPELLS! I can't wait to get them, they look like something I will be using for a while instead of the level 58 ones. I am sure everyone knows my favorite would have to be the ice one. I think it would be funny if the card was called Ice Age! I can't wait until I train that spell for my ice character! I also like the other new spell cards too, it looks like I will have a lot of things to do on Wizard101 for the next 6 months, or so! So far I have to level my death character to.. level 70!; I also have to level some of my characters on my main account through Celestia to get to the next world, once the world is released get all of the new spells and level to 70 on all of my characters, make about a million blog posts of where I am in Wizard101, and hopefully finish farming for some pets I really do want throughout the game. I really do have a lot of things to do in the game, I am hoping I finish it soon, but the way its looking it will take forever! Which is great! :)

New World:
I am very late on announcing this, I am going to act like no one really knows though... Kingsisle announced that there is a new world, and it will be called Zafaria!! There is going to be new spells, which will be a goal for all of us to get the new spells and level to 70! I think I have found a new favorite world, even though I said that about Wysteria. Like I said, my favorite spell out of the video is the ice age one. I can't wait until they release the world to the test realm, not yet released though, here is a link to the test realm:

I am ready for the test realm to finally say its online! It says its offline right now though, too bad.. Well so far I have been watching the Zafaria video about.. um.. 30 times :) If you want to watch it again, here it is!
I do not own this video

Here are a few things I think about the new spells:

Frankenstein: This is a death spell, if you notice Frankenstein should attack the enemies and heal you. If you pause in the video you will see that Frankenstein will heal the character who casts it, which is a death character, looks to me like it can hit all enemies, only KI knows though :)

Gnome: Life Spell! It looks like this one may hit all enemies or may only hit one, I am hoping it hits all because the life school does deserve it!

Volcano: Looks like it could be a very strong fire school spell, I am sure it hits all enemies, and it may be a damage over time spell like fire dragon. I can't wait to try this spell out on my fire character!

Mammoth- Ice age: Favorite Ice Spell! I am hoping this one hits all enemies, if it doesn't I am sure it will still be a strong spell :) If you pause, you will see the mammoth has an ice symbol on its forehead, way to show off the ice school!

Dragon- This is a myth spell, it looks like it could hit all enemies, and the myth school does need a hit that hits all enemies, It looks like this is also a damage over time spell, I am wondering how strong it is, this one looks like it may be the strongest spell, who knows though.

A balance spell?- Sorry, I really don't know what to call this spell card. It reminds me of hydra, looks like it is stronger though, this is a spiritual card, life death and myth hits. I know most know I really don't like balance much- no offense to any balance wizards- but this epic card may change my mind about balance! :)

Another great thing about this world, is that they are going to have a level increase! I am sure most legendary wizards are very excited about this, you finally have something to do, and you don't have to be bored anymore, even though Wizard101 never seems boring! To tell you the truth a couple of weeks ago, I actually said that there was nothing to do on Wizard101 and it seemed kind of boring, wow was I wrong! Kingsisle must have had this planned a while because it was one thing after another! First the new pack, then the new cards, and now a new world! They must be working hard! I am really excited to level my characters through this world and reach level 70, guessing I won't be a legendary anymore :) 

Halloween and the Nightmare Pack:
Even though I wasn't on much of Halloween, I did have fun looking at the new things Wizard101 put in the Spiral and doing some of the Halloween quests! I actually took a picture of all of the items I won from the nightmare pack, with a little extra things to make the Halloween picture a little better.. Here is a photo I posted on Facebook of all of the things I won from the nightmare pack...

Nightmare pack earnings, and a little bit of late Halloween spirit!

Well I will be taking down the Halloween photo and background to add a little bit of the Holiday Spirit instead. I am sure while you are reading this blog post the background and header will change when you refresh this page. To tell you the truth, I really do like the holidays better than Halloween, so get ready for a lot of background changes and header changes on this site!

Oh and I am back!
I am very sorry for not posting a while, I have been very busy with real life, and I have had internet problems, I really don't like internet problems, that means there is less time for Wizard101. Anyways, to end this long blog post, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, and are ready for the new world, comment below if you are ready for the new world to be released in the test realm and live realm! Thanks for reading my 300th post, and get ready for my 301st post tomorrow :) See ya later Wizards!

~ Edward Lifegem