November 3, 2011

300th Post!

Hello Wizards!

Well I have to say there were a lot of new cards, surprises, new crown items, and new world mentions since I have been gone! I have been gone about 2 weeks already from blogging, and there have been a lot of things going on in Wizard101! When the new card was released I had a feeling it had something to do with the new world, I am glad it did because this African world looks very cool :) I have seen the video already, that's one thing I will be talking about in this post. Another thing is... the... NEW SPELLS! I can't wait to get them, they look like something I will be using for a while instead of the level 58 ones. I am sure everyone knows my favorite would have to be the ice one. I think it would be funny if the card was called Ice Age! I can't wait until I train that spell for my ice character! I also like the other new spell cards too, it looks like I will have a lot of things to do on Wizard101 for the next 6 months, or so! So far I have to level my death character to.. level 70!; I also have to level some of my characters on my main account through Celestia to get to the next world, once the world is released get all of the new spells and level to 70 on all of my characters, make about a million blog posts of where I am in Wizard101, and hopefully finish farming for some pets I really do want throughout the game. I really do have a lot of things to do in the game, I am hoping I finish it soon, but the way its looking it will take forever! Which is great! :)

New World:
I am very late on announcing this, I am going to act like no one really knows though... Kingsisle announced that there is a new world, and it will be called Zafaria!! There is going to be new spells, which will be a goal for all of us to get the new spells and level to 70! I think I have found a new favorite world, even though I said that about Wysteria. Like I said, my favorite spell out of the video is the ice age one. I can't wait until they release the world to the test realm, not yet released though, here is a link to the test realm:

I am ready for the test realm to finally say its online! It says its offline right now though, too bad.. Well so far I have been watching the Zafaria video about.. um.. 30 times :) If you want to watch it again, here it is!
I do not own this video

Here are a few things I think about the new spells:

Frankenstein: This is a death spell, if you notice Frankenstein should attack the enemies and heal you. If you pause in the video you will see that Frankenstein will heal the character who casts it, which is a death character, looks to me like it can hit all enemies, only KI knows though :)

Gnome: Life Spell! It looks like this one may hit all enemies or may only hit one, I am hoping it hits all because the life school does deserve it!

Volcano: Looks like it could be a very strong fire school spell, I am sure it hits all enemies, and it may be a damage over time spell like fire dragon. I can't wait to try this spell out on my fire character!

Mammoth- Ice age: Favorite Ice Spell! I am hoping this one hits all enemies, if it doesn't I am sure it will still be a strong spell :) If you pause, you will see the mammoth has an ice symbol on its forehead, way to show off the ice school!

Dragon- This is a myth spell, it looks like it could hit all enemies, and the myth school does need a hit that hits all enemies, It looks like this is also a damage over time spell, I am wondering how strong it is, this one looks like it may be the strongest spell, who knows though.

A balance spell?- Sorry, I really don't know what to call this spell card. It reminds me of hydra, looks like it is stronger though, this is a spiritual card, life death and myth hits. I know most know I really don't like balance much- no offense to any balance wizards- but this epic card may change my mind about balance! :)

Another great thing about this world, is that they are going to have a level increase! I am sure most legendary wizards are very excited about this, you finally have something to do, and you don't have to be bored anymore, even though Wizard101 never seems boring! To tell you the truth a couple of weeks ago, I actually said that there was nothing to do on Wizard101 and it seemed kind of boring, wow was I wrong! Kingsisle must have had this planned a while because it was one thing after another! First the new pack, then the new cards, and now a new world! They must be working hard! I am really excited to level my characters through this world and reach level 70, guessing I won't be a legendary anymore :) 

Halloween and the Nightmare Pack:
Even though I wasn't on much of Halloween, I did have fun looking at the new things Wizard101 put in the Spiral and doing some of the Halloween quests! I actually took a picture of all of the items I won from the nightmare pack, with a little extra things to make the Halloween picture a little better.. Here is a photo I posted on Facebook of all of the things I won from the nightmare pack...

Nightmare pack earnings, and a little bit of late Halloween spirit!

Well I will be taking down the Halloween photo and background to add a little bit of the Holiday Spirit instead. I am sure while you are reading this blog post the background and header will change when you refresh this page. To tell you the truth, I really do like the holidays better than Halloween, so get ready for a lot of background changes and header changes on this site!

Oh and I am back!
I am very sorry for not posting a while, I have been very busy with real life, and I have had internet problems, I really don't like internet problems, that means there is less time for Wizard101. Anyways, to end this long blog post, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, and are ready for the new world, comment below if you are ready for the new world to be released in the test realm and live realm! Thanks for reading my 300th post, and get ready for my 301st post tomorrow :) See ya later Wizards!

~ Edward Lifegem

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