November 29, 2011

Edward Firegem receives Rain of Fire (Volcano)

Hello Wizards!

I am back to blogging and playing wizard101 for a little until Christmas- a week before - and I will be gone alot of days next month. So I won't be able to blog much the end of 2011. I will start blogging more in 2012, including the contest 10x10x10 :) Watch out for that everyone! I can't wait to start that contest! Anyways, just like the title says, my fire character finally did receive his fire spell, which was a big achievement for me, I also received my phoenix pet! Does anyone remember me saying it would take a long time to get my phoenix pet? Well it did take months, not a year like I thought :D

The word around Wizard101: 

I am hearing that a lot of people dislike the fire spell for some odd reason, and comparing it to Sirens, which is a weaker spell. Some are saying sirens is overpowered. I think that Sirens is a great spell now, and not overpowered. Its just some of those wizards who haven't used the spell yet who are saying it is. Here is the difference between rain of fire and the rest of the spells...

Rain of Fire does an amount of 300+ 800 over 3 rounds. Volcano beats the record of the strongest spell in the game now with the most damage of 1100 to all enemies. Its even stronger than Leviathan which does 1030 damage to one enemy. Even though storm may have more damage than the other schools rain of fire is now the strongest spell in the game :) Just because it does 800 over 3 rounds doesn't mean its not the strongest spell in the game.Imagine using this spell with 2 blades! I can't even imagine how much damage it would do to all enemies. So no matter what others say about this spell, remember its the strongest spell in the game now :) Fire Rules!!

Never want more fire!!

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I think all of the level 68 spells are my favorite now :) Next spell to get is the Woolly Mammoth. I really do like that spell! This is another strong spell which does 800-900 damage plus a stun to one enemy! I really do like this spell and I am glad that the ice school is finally improving on damage. I can't wait to replace this spell with colossus. Sorry colossus! Anyways, other than the level 68 spells, to end this blog post I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I am ready for Christmas, and can't wait until Kingsisle releases the Christmas items in the game. I wish they would release Christmas quests along with the update... Oh well :) At least there is something with Christmas on the game. Have fun around the Spiral everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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