November 15, 2011

Edward makes it to Dragonspyre!

Hello Wizards!

Lately I have been busy with real life, until yesterday. Yesterday I finished Mooshu! My least favorite part of Mooshu was the Cave of Solitude, I kept getting caught there when I was trying to level. I think that area is worse than Marleybone. Glad I finally did get pass that area though. My favorite area of Mooshu was Kishibe Village, I usually go through that area very fast, that's why its my favorite area :) I didn't have too much trouble getting through the world, I had some help from Autumn Dreamwalker. Thanks! Anyways, I also made it to level 45! I finally had the chance to get some Dragonspyre clothes which made my stats way better than they were. Here are a few photos of my adventures through Mooshu and my entry to Dragonspyre..

Death Bat!

Should I go into the blue light?!

Random Photo

Another blue light? I guess I will walk through this one too.

Shouldn't have walked through the blue light,  I have to fight a boss!

Death Oni!

Seriously, what's with these spooky blue lights?!

Ninja pigs on the main boss of Mooshu- Life Oni


Gg! Won the battle :)

This quest was called Bad Blood- Should have been called
Bad Mood


I had to cheat with skeletal dragon!

Another epic photo of Cyrus using a myth card

After the battle


Well I hope you made it through all of photos of my adventures through Mooshu, I actually had a lot more but I didn't want to make an entire post of photos! It did take a lot longer to get out of Mooshu, I should have been out at least 5 days ago. Well I am glad I am finally out and in Dragonspyre, I am going to stop questing when I get to level 60 to save some experience for Zafaria when its released later on. I am hoping it gets released a couple of weeks before Christmas and not right before Thanksgiving. I have way too many things to do in real life during the holiday season. Oh and I hope you guys like my background, I am planning on changing it soon to say Happy Thanksgiving, and then the day after Thanksgiving- Black Friday- It's going to say Merry Christmas. Yes, I love the holidays as you can tell :) Oh and I am very sorry for not posting so much lately, I always get busy during the holiday season. Well I guess its time to end this blog post..

See you all around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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