November 9, 2011

Giving out your account information? No!

Hello Wizards!

My Note:
I want to ask all of you if you would believe, if a random person with no check, or not business card came up to you in real life and said you won a million dollars, and all you had to do was give a lot of personal information to them in order to get the "zero" million dollars. Would you? I am sure most will say no way! You should say no way if someone asks tells you they will give you 100,000 crowns if you give them your password. On Facebook there has been a lot of problems with people pretending to be Kingsisle, or work for Kingsisle, saying they would give you gifts if you give them your password. I didn't even add any of them because I know that Kingsisle wouldn't ask for the password when they already have your password in the memory of the game! Why would they need it again? Plus if Kingsisle did give out 100,000 crowns to everyone, there wouldn't even be a wizard101 anymore because they would run out of money to make the game. Wizard101 is a great game, and some people would say anything to try to steal an account of yours. If you want to play wizard101 on your legendary or transcended character, I suggest you to not give out your password. Not even if you are level 1.

Headmasters Note:

Hey Gang,

I wanted to drop you a quick note to warn you of a scam that has been going on recently. People have been going onto Facebook and into the game and pretending to be me -- or another member of the KI staff -- and offering to give out "free items" or "crowns" in exchange for providing them your user account and password information.

We have said this before, but it bears repeating:

Kingsisle Employees will NEVER ask you for your account information or password. NEVER. ( Why would we? We already have your account information!)

If someone is asking you for your account information, that individual is likely trying to trick you and steal your account. DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM!

Kingsisle staff members have a game badge that says, "kingsisle support" -- If someone is claiming to work for Kingsisle and cannot or will not show you this badge, please report them immediately.

Some players have asked if I maintain a Facebook fan profile, I do, in fact, and I post there periodically. For those who are interested, it can be found here:

Any other profile page claiming to be me is also a fake/imposter, likely created to steal the accounts (and crowns) from unsuspecting players. My ONLY official fan page is the one listed above.

Thank you for your time and attention, for enjoying our game.

More information:
If you want to read it yourself its on the Ravenwood Bulletin for November 1st-

Don't forget to look at the log in screen before you log completely in the game..

NEVER share your password- you will lose your Wizard forever!


Fin and Quinn said...

He-he yea, you'd be pretty stupid to give a "KI staff member" your password. After all they already have it. I was pressured to give out my password, by a friend who had been on my friends list for a while, and had helped me a lot. He threatened to remove me, and I said I didn't care, because I don't even know him. Don't fall for peer pressure

Anonymous said...

Nice post Edward! I've had several people trying to scam me lately. Some are pretty persistant and even get down-right mean but I refuse to give anyone my password or personal info.

Sierra :)