November 5, 2011

My thoughts about the level 68 Spells

Hello Everyone,

Lately a lot of people were disappointed in some of level 68 spells. I think that some may be too over powered and some are a little bit rank 8 instead of rank 9. Here are my thoughts about the spells and what should have been added, if you want you can comment and tell me what you think should have been added. I am not trying to say the spells are bad, just saying what could help them :)

There are really a lot of things to say about this spell. First, it is overpowered, way too tough. I would understand if it was against the boss, but this time I am going to mention Pvp. Imagine if you were in a ranked match in pvp and there was a pvp team, 3 storm wizards and 1 life wizard. Imagine if one of them used siren, and two of the other storm characters used a gargantuan tempest, and the life healed if the storms health was too low. The next round they would all hit with tempest again, and you would most likely lose the match if they had gargantuan on tempest and sirens. Sirens also has effects, which makes it even tougher than it already is. Not trying to be mean to storm wizards out there, but this spell may need a lower hit, about 815 with less effects, it would still be strong, but not as strong. The storm spell does 915 to all enemies, and -50 accuracy to all enemies, and stuns for one round..

Woolly Mammoth:
I really do like this spell, I don't think there could be anything to change about this spell. It does 800-900 damage on one enemy and stuns for one round. Kingsisle really did do a great job on this spell :) I can't wait to use it when it is released to the live realm!

Rain of Fire(Volcano):
I think this may be the best level 58 spell in the game. There are a lot of people complaining about it though, which I have no clue why, since it is a very strong spell! This spell does 300+ 800 over 3 rounds, to all enemies! This is way tougher than snow angel. I can't wait to get this spell on my fire :)

This card should have hit all enemies since life only has one card that does- forest lord- it does 780-880 and dispels the next 2 life spells. I think the gnome should have done 780-880 to all enemies, even if it didn't have a effect. Oh well, maybe next time life will get another strong attack to all enemies. I really do like the gnome spell though, it still does a lot more damage than centaur or forest lord :)

I love this spell, this made me like balance a lot more than I do. It really is a strong spell, a good idea though, would be to add a dispel for life death and myth along with the attack, since balance doesn't get very much effects with their cards. Even if KI doesn't, it still is a great spell.

Katzenstein's Monster(Frankenstein):
This death spell should have had a hit all and convert. Scarecrow is the only card that does hit all enemies, along with life, they don't have much ht all spells. We never know though, maybe Kingsisle has great plans for life, death, and myth in the future. This card does 820 damage to one enemy, and converts half to heal you.

Very good new myth spell. It does a lot of damage to one enemy, and myth did need a spell like this. This card does 325 myth damage + 825 myth damage over 3 rounds, plus a stun. I was thinking myth should have had a hit all, but this spell does do a lot of damage to make myth stronger than it was before.

What a Change??

Like I said in the introduction of this blog post, I think that some of the spells, not all of them are rank 8 spells more than rank 9 spells. Some people may replace the Frankenstein with scarecrow or skeletal dragon instead of using that spell, I might sometimes. Chimera also seems like a rank 8 spell to me, since it doesn't have any effects when the other spells, other than myth and fire, do. The myth and the fire spells are rank 9 spells, they are very tough, and the storm.. well... its kind of like rank 11! When I say rank, I mean the pips you have to use in order to cast the spell. Storm really does seem like a rank 11 spell that is hidden in a rank 9 spell. Well maybe Kingsisle will change some of the spells before it hits live realm. I remember the a few of the spells changing when Celestia was released. We'll see :) If you want, tell me what you think about the new spells and what you would want to be changed in a comment below. See you all in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

- If you guys would like a look at the level 68 spells go to this link:

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Theman said...

Myth really needs a hit all spell but KI decided to not to give us one even when the 7, 8, and 9 rank spells are only to one