November 12, 2011

Zafaria Likes and Dislikes

Hello Wizards!

For those who have been on the test realm, are you enjoying Zafaria and all of the new updates?! I really am, they have added so much things that I have wanted on the game in the last month or two. The first thing I really wanted Kingsisle to add was new astral crown gear, I really wanted to see this in the crowns shop again, and I actually mentioned something about the old crown gear about a month ago. Glad they have added that! Another thing was of course a new world, zafaria is a great world and I am sure everyone will enjoy this world. For those planning on power leveling, you are really going to miss out on a lot. Anyways, my favorite area of Zafaria would have to be the Savannah,  least favorite would have to be the Drum Jungle. This gets me started on my blog post today, remember a while back when I mentioned my likes and dislikes about each world, well its time for Zafaria!

The graphics to this area are way better than the Celestia world, or any other world. They really did a great job on designing this world, No wonder it took a year! I am sure if I even tried designing something like this world it wouldn't be out for another.. 10 years. So those who were complaining about KI not adding enough, they added the new wold, and make sure you enjoy it before questing through the world very fast.

Lots of experience from this world, finally talking to Morganthe, and the new spells! That sums all of the favorites about this world, now time for the dislikes..

Getting caught.. Kinda reminds me of Marleybone in some of the areas... Drum Jungle... Anyways, that's the only dislike about this world. There is really nothing to dislike about a great world.

What's your likes and dislikes about this new world? Comment below if you want, and, yes I did upload this video of Chimera, I have put it on my blog posts before, I guess I will put it on here one more time so everyone can see. Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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