November 18, 2011

Zafaria= Live Realm= Gotta Quest!

Hello Wizards!

Later on Zafaria will be released in the live realm. That went quickly through the test realm, I guess everyone was ready for it to be released to the live realm :) I am going to quest on my storm character first this time, and anyone who quests on their balance who is on my list, show me the spell please! I am really going to miss it on the live game. Even though I uploaded it on youtube, I would still like to see it on the live game. Oh and... Balance is Awesome! Yeah I said it! I think balance really did make a turning point for me because before all of the spells were kinda boring, I think Chimera is a very good spell, and those saying it isn't; you really need to use it before you say its bad. Anyways, my storm is in Celestia and he will get extra experience before reaching Zafaria! That means I can get my storm spell soon through Zafaria and it will be easier to quest through there. What school are you guys planning on leveling?

Before Zafaria was even released, I had so much trouble trying to think of what storm spell that would be adding to Wizard101. I think this spell right here is the strongest possible storm spell ever! At first it did 930 damage to all enemies and the effects, that was a little bit too strong, glad they lowered it down. I really don't know how much damage the spell does now, we will see though. I am glad they lowered it down a little bit even though I am planning on leveling my storm character first. The reason I am glad they lowered the damage down is because that spell could defeat everyone in pvp if there was an all storm team and they all used it at the same time. Can you imagine that? Ouch!! Even though I don't pvp I am sure everyone who does would probably be mad at the storm school. Some are still mad because of the tempest spamming in pvp. Make it fair storm wizards who pvp. My wraith will be watching.... LOL

Wow, Scary.

Well good luck on leveling through Zafaria when the game is finally online, which probably will be 10:00 a.m. Central time from the log in screen for Wizard101. Well time to find something to do until that time. Hopefully I won't keep looking at the log in screen and try to log in. I usually do that when there is a new update- celestia - this time I am planning on not doing that. Here is a link to the update notes for Zafaria:

See you all around the Spiral, and Zafaria!

~ Edward Lifegem

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