November 4, 2011

Zafaria- Test Realm

Hello Wizards!

I am sure everyone who is reading right now did look at my video that I made about 4 hours ago from now. Wow, it took forever to get to that point in the test realm even with crowns. I had to save my crowns- 25,000- for minions to help me level through and a new mount and pet :) It was very fun leveling my balance character through there, I just wish there wouldn't have been so many balance bosses. Just a warning to the balance wizards out there, make sure to put in hydra or spectral blast when fighting a balance boss, if you don't it might not turn out good! Anyways, other than the balance school, I have noticed that the storm wizards actually have it easy through the world; They actually can use tempest with gargantuan to get rid of all of the enemies the first round if they wanted to. I am not trying to be mean to any of the storm wizards, I just think that Kingsisle should have maybe gave the hit all spell to the life school, since they only have one, or maybe the myth school. Other than that I think that all of the spells are very great! The ice school finally did get a one hit spell, which means I will be staying until we get another all enemy hit spell :) I really want to see another strong hit for the ice school. I have to say all of the new spells are favorites of mine! I can't wait to get them on my characters. It will take forever to get them though, all together I will be leveling 70 levels with my legendary characters put together, plus I have to level my death character still! Well I am hoping I get done leveling my death character by Thanksgiving. If not I might have to start in December. Anyways, here are a few videos that I have made, one of them is the new spell- Chimera, which I can't spell sometimes--

I own this video

Another video I made on Youtube was the Gnome Spell, I may have underestimated this in the video, it actually does look cool. In the video it went by too fast. It has great effects, and I am sure any life character would like this spell, including me :)

I also own this video

If you don't want to watch the videos on my site, go to this link:

I had so much fun yesterday and today leveling through Zafaria, I am going to say Zafaria is my favorite world, and I can't wait to return there on the live realm on all of my characters! I may stop leveling on the test realm so I can get my characters to the place they need to be on the live realm. I think everyone should do that if you are behind and you are not yet finished with Celestia. Wish me luck in Celestia, it may be very boring because Celestia wasn't really a favorite world of mine. Day #1 of Celestia begins tomorrow, and Day #1 of leveling Edward also begins tomorrow. If you would like to go to the test realm make sure to go to this link and download the test realm if you don't have it downloaded yet:
See you all around the Spiral!!

~ Edward Lifegem

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