December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!- Post #1

Hello Wizards!

Right now I decided to do a blog post, and tomorrow night I will do another! I really hope all of you reading this post, even those that really haven't been friends with me, a great Christmas! This time of year really special to almost everyone in the entire world. If it isn't I think you should read this short story below about the true meaning of Christmas..

December 19, 2011

Christmas Song #18 & 19

Hello Wizards,

I am very sorry for missing another blog post yesterday, I have been very busy this month and haven't really had time for posts or Wizard101. I am glad I do get to post Christmas songs for you to listen to. I will try my best to post the Christmas songs this week though- since it is Christmas week! - Who's ready for Christmas?! I can't wait until Sunday. Well here are the songs for today, and I am sorry I didn't get to post the thing I wanted to share with you all today, I will try to do that on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day..

December 17, 2011

Christmas Song #17

Trans Siberian Orchestra, A Mad Russian's Christmas- This is an instrumental song, they are the best of Christmas songs! This is another one of my favorite Christmas songs, I hope you enjoy it :) I do not own this video. Oh and I will try to make a Christmas post tomorrow, I have a little something I would like to share with you all, I was going to post it today but didn't have a chance to. Tomorrow, hopefully! See you all later :)

December 16, 2011

Christmas Song #16

Happy Christmas- John Lennon- I don't own this video. Enjoy! :)

December 15, 2011

Christmas Song #15

Christmas Wrapping- Sent in by Luke Goldhorn- one word in there is bad, just ignore it. Anyways, Enjoy!

December 14, 2011

Christmas Song #14

Shake up Christmas- I do not own this video- This is another one of my favorite holiday songs, I am sure most of you have heard it on the Coca Cola commercial from last year :) Enjoy!

Having trouble finding some Christmas songs, send in some that haven't been on a blog post yet. I really would appreciate that along with many others that are listening to the Christmas songs :) Thank you!

~ Edward Lifegem

December 13, 2011

Christmas Song #13

Wonderful Christmas Time- I do not own this video- Enjoy! :)

December 12, 2011

Christmas Song #12

Winter Wonderland-- Hoping for snow!!- I do not own this video. Enjoy! :)

Definitely an interesting version of Winter Wonderland that I like :)

December 11, 2011

Christmas Song #10 and #11

Hello Everyone,

I am very sorry for not posting the song yesterday, busy caught up with me! Well I am sure it is catching up with everyone this time of the year right? Well I have a mix of songs in this next video, so I wouldn't really call it 2 Youtube videos, just a mix of different Christmas songs, I hope you like it as much as I do! :) Have fun listening.

I do not own this video.

I love the middle of this Youtube video because I recognize a song from Christmas with the Kranks .. This is another favorite holiday movie. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, go on youtube and type in "Christmas with the Kranks" I am sure the movie will appear where you can watch the entire movie online. It's very funny! Have fun watching if you do watch it! Oh and going to talk about something going on Wizard101, don't forget to pay attention to the 12 days of Wizard (12 days of Christmas) so far they have made a new mount- the one on my blog post from the other day- and had a poem contest, which I think they are still having. If they are go to this link: Christmas Poem Contest .. They also have a new code they are giving out for free to all who redeem it. Go to this link if you would like to redeem that code, its for Holiday lights on Wizard101: Lights

Have a great day everyone!

2 weeks from today until Christmas!

~ Edward Lifegem

December 9, 2011

Christmas Song #9

Last Christmas- Wham- I do not own this video- Enjoy! :)

Christmas Moose+ 12 days of Wizards!

Hello Wizards!

There is now a new mount in the crowns shop selling for 7500 crowns. He gives a +40 speed, and it is called the Charity Chrismoose! I am glad they finally have had another charity :) If at least 10 million people buy one of them they will give to 2 organizations- Austins Children's Center, and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. I think its a very great thing that they give the money to others who really do need it. Glad there is still Christmas Spirit out there :)

Not only will they be having this new mount, they will be doing this for 12 days- 12 days of Christmas or Wizards. If you would like to find more information about this go to this link on the Wizard101's Website:

Here is a picture of the Christmas Moose:

Have fun around the Spiral!

-The Christmas Moose is around for a limited time-

~ Edward Lifegem

December 8, 2011

Goals for my Wizard101 Blog

Hello Wizards,

Do you have a blog? If so you should keep reading. I have a few posts from the past, that mentions my goals for my blog. If you have goals you should write them out too. When I first started my blog, I didn't really write much on it because I didn't have any goals at all. I just wrote about a few things going on in Wizard101. Do you have any goals for your blog? I think its very good to set goals for your blog, it really does help if you are planning on reaching a certain place on your blog. For example, if you are planning on reaching 100 followers before the end of next year, set a goal for yourself and tell your goal on a blog post and say- My goal for the end of next year is to reach 100 followers on my blog! It really does help, if you say you can't, you can't. If you say you can, you can! Here are a few goals for my blog for- next year if I am still here. - 

1. Reach 200 followers- That's a lot of followers from now, but before I reached 100 followers, I always said I couldn't reach 100 followers on my blog, until I set a goal for myself, and I finally did! 

2. Improve on posting more blog posts- Lately I haven't been posting much blog posts, and I really want to reach my next goal.

3. Reach 500 posts on my blog- right now I have 321 blog posts including this one, so this will be an easier goal. 

4. Reach all 3 goals before the end of next year- The 3 goals above might seem like a lot, though I am going to keep these goals even if I don't reach them. If I don't I will still be glad that I set the goals for myself and my blog! 

Don't forget to set goals, even if it isn't for a Wizard101 blog :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Christmas Song #8

Amazing Grace

- This is a house that I found on the internet that had a light show! I think its very cool and I wanted all of you all to see. It plays with Amazing Grace. I think you all will like it, some may have already seen it since it has over 4 million views. Anyways, enjoy, and I don't own this video!

It has to take forever to decorate and program the lights to do that. It would take me years to try to do that! I am glad they put it on youtube to show everyone that its possible though :D You should click on the video's link to view it in a full version, so you can see everything. 

~ Edward Lifegem

December 7, 2011

Christmas Song #7

Do you hear what I hear?

One of my favorite Christmas songs, since it really does have something to do with Christmas :) This song is sang by Bing Crosby. I hope some don't mind that I am putting this song on my blog, I am very religious, and this is really what Christmas is all about- Jesus! :)

I do not own this video or Image..

Glad Jesus was born :)

~ Edward Lifegem

December 6, 2011

Zazzle- Wizard101

Hello Wizards,

I wanted to show you a place where you can buy wizard101 items! For those wanting to get wizard101 items for Christmas ranging from skateboards, t-shirts, key chains, cups, posters, even items for your dog, and much more! You should go to this link:

Of course I am trying to advertise this because its very cool that there is actually a place where you can get gifts that you want from Wizard101! I really want a wizard101 hoodie for Christmas! I think this is very cool that there are actually wizard101 items. Once you get there, there will be a lot of items to choose from if you are planning on buying something from the Zazzle store. I know most of you may have heard of it, but some of the newer players may not know about it, that's why I decided to make a blog post about it :) I am thinking about the ice hoodie, I bet that would be really cool to wear! Maybe that will make it snow more often this Winter like it did today.

This was just a short blog post for those who wanted to buy something from the Zazzle Store! Have fun looking through the Wizard101 items :)

~ Edward Lifegem

Christmas Song #6

Let it Snow!

Today it finally did snow where I am! I am very glad it did because it put me in the Christmas spirit :) I can't wait to get more snow. It wasn't supposed to snow today. Yesterday I heard Let it Snow on the radio and wished it would snow, didn't know it would actually happen! Well I am glad it did. :)

This video is almost 3 years old! It was made December 8th, 2008.  I don't own this video.

Let it Snow!!! - Ice Wizards can help :)

~ Edward Lifegem

December 5, 2011

Christmas Song #5

Feliz Navidad

I chose this song since Felix Navidad was released in Wizard101 today! I am very glad he was because I am ready to redo my blog to make it look more like a Christmas blog :) Oh and here is a photo I took from today in front of the Christmas tree on Wizard101!

Here is the song- I don't own this video!

Feliz Navidad!

~ Edward Lifegem

December 4, 2011

What's this?

Hello Wizards,

I just wanted to talk to everyone about something that I have been noticing lately, yeah this is supposed to be a blog about Wizard101, but lately it really hasn't been, so I am going to talk about this today since I haven't for a while. Now, some may think this is going to be boring before I get started, but I think everyone should read through, it may not be as boring as you think. Anyways, to get to the point, lately on Facebook there has been lots of bad images, bad language, and things that well... usually people wouldn't post for a lot of people around the world to see. I know that some didn't do that on purpose because of clicking on some viruses that's going around Facebook. I have been posting as my status on Facebook to nearly 1000 people to be careful clicking on the links, lots of others also posted about the viruses and situations going around Facebook. If you don't want to put bad things on your friends wall because of that mistake, be careful not to click on it! Now, for those posting things on purpose, you really need to stop now please, its very annoying, plus no one needs to see things like that. Lately there have been photos on Facebook that are making people sick to their stomach, a dog that has been hurt, other bad photos that no one needs to see, things that just make people sick, its very bad that most on our Facebook lists are posting that. Even if the people that are posting this have never heard of Wizard101, shouldn't even be posting things like this. I am not trying to stop everyone from posting their statuses on Facebook, what almost everyone is saying is, why post things that no one wants to see? Its really bad to see things like this on Facebook a networking site that a lot of people around the world go on to interact with friends not images, and statuses that are just.. out of control. That's the only way I can put some of the things that have been posted on Facebook. I am not going to make this post longer than it should be, but don't forget DON'T click on things that look like the things I am going to post below- this goes for Twitter and any other site you get on...

Get an Ipad free just click here to order- Now if this was free they wouldn't even mention order. Well they might give you a free virus and keep the ipad for themselves.

Wow look what this girl did- Now this is something you should never click on, this is just another virus you are going to put on your computer. Unless you want to see a virus don't click on it!

Look at this dog- I have no idea what to say about this...

Bad Language? Now I don't understand this one. There is no reason to use a bad word in every single part of a Facebook status, I know you know that there are younger people on your list- this is something that I don't understand because one time someone who was way older than I was on Facebook kept using bad language and I had to ask them to stop, this is very silly. I am not getting mad at anyone on my Facebook list by posting this post, I am only asking you to stop, please.

Facebook= a place to interact with friends, not show off with bad language and bad posts.

Thanks for reading guys,

~ Edward Lifegem

Christmas Song #4

It's the Most Wonderful time of the Year!

This song was chosen by Pierre200123! This is another favorite classic Christmas song of mine! Thanks for choosing this one, I am glad you did :) If you want to have a Christmas song on a post just comment below and tell me which song- it has to be a song that hasn't been on the blog posts yet :)

I do not own this video.

Have fun listening :)

~ Edward Lifegem

December 3, 2011

Christmas Song #3

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!

This song was chosen by Autumn Dreamwalker, I also love this song! I can't wait until it plays on the radio station again :) It was just playing about 20 minutes ago! Anyways, here it is! Oh and I do not own any of the videos in the future posts :)


~ Edward Lifegem

December 2, 2011

Christmas Song #2

Carol of the Bells- Brian Brink

This video lasts almost 9 minutes, so hopefully you can listen to it all :) It sounds very good! Justin- Deathywiz commented below and told me about this song, I hope you like it too!

Get ready for the song tomorrow I already picked it out from a comment! See you guys tomorrow :) Oh and I will be changing the header of my blog as soon as Wizard101 puts the Christmas decorations up on the game :)

December 1, 2011

Christmas Song #1

Hello Wizards!

This month starting today- the 25th I will be posting Christmas songs each day. Most of them are my favorite songs, tell me if you like the song or not after posting. I won't be posting about Wizard101 much until after Christmas. I hope all of you have a great Christmas, and stay safe :)

Christmas Song of the Day:
O Christmas Tree- Karaoke Version

Which song would you like me to choose tomorrow? Comment below :)

~ Edward Lifegem