December 9, 2011

Christmas Moose+ 12 days of Wizards!

Hello Wizards!

There is now a new mount in the crowns shop selling for 7500 crowns. He gives a +40 speed, and it is called the Charity Chrismoose! I am glad they finally have had another charity :) If at least 10 million people buy one of them they will give to 2 organizations- Austins Children's Center, and Children's Medical Center at Legacy. I think its a very great thing that they give the money to others who really do need it. Glad there is still Christmas Spirit out there :)

Not only will they be having this new mount, they will be doing this for 12 days- 12 days of Christmas or Wizards. If you would like to find more information about this go to this link on the Wizard101's Website:

Here is a picture of the Christmas Moose:

Have fun around the Spiral!

-The Christmas Moose is around for a limited time-

~ Edward Lifegem

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