December 6, 2011

Christmas Song #6

Let it Snow!

Today it finally did snow where I am! I am very glad it did because it put me in the Christmas spirit :) I can't wait to get more snow. It wasn't supposed to snow today. Yesterday I heard Let it Snow on the radio and wished it would snow, didn't know it would actually happen! Well I am glad it did. :)

This video is almost 3 years old! It was made December 8th, 2008.  I don't own this video.

Let it Snow!!! - Ice Wizards can help :)

~ Edward Lifegem


Danny Soderberg said...

Hey :D
You made a typo... It says the video is three years old and then it says it was made in December 8th 2011... Just thought you might like to know. :)

Edward Lifegem said...

Thank you! :) I would have never known if you wouldn't have told me :D