December 8, 2011

Christmas Song #8

Amazing Grace

- This is a house that I found on the internet that had a light show! I think its very cool and I wanted all of you all to see. It plays with Amazing Grace. I think you all will like it, some may have already seen it since it has over 4 million views. Anyways, enjoy, and I don't own this video!

It has to take forever to decorate and program the lights to do that. It would take me years to try to do that! I am glad they put it on youtube to show everyone that its possible though :D You should click on the video's link to view it in a full version, so you can see everything. 

~ Edward Lifegem


Diana Wildheart said...

I loved to see like that but I don't have any ideas about music but I see the lights as my viscaul thinking like rhyme or something as you say. It is so amazing. :)

Edward Lifegem said...

I will do more videos like that :)