December 8, 2011

Goals for my Wizard101 Blog

Hello Wizards,

Do you have a blog? If so you should keep reading. I have a few posts from the past, that mentions my goals for my blog. If you have goals you should write them out too. When I first started my blog, I didn't really write much on it because I didn't have any goals at all. I just wrote about a few things going on in Wizard101. Do you have any goals for your blog? I think its very good to set goals for your blog, it really does help if you are planning on reaching a certain place on your blog. For example, if you are planning on reaching 100 followers before the end of next year, set a goal for yourself and tell your goal on a blog post and say- My goal for the end of next year is to reach 100 followers on my blog! It really does help, if you say you can't, you can't. If you say you can, you can! Here are a few goals for my blog for- next year if I am still here. - 

1. Reach 200 followers- That's a lot of followers from now, but before I reached 100 followers, I always said I couldn't reach 100 followers on my blog, until I set a goal for myself, and I finally did! 

2. Improve on posting more blog posts- Lately I haven't been posting much blog posts, and I really want to reach my next goal.

3. Reach 500 posts on my blog- right now I have 321 blog posts including this one, so this will be an easier goal. 

4. Reach all 3 goals before the end of next year- The 3 goals above might seem like a lot, though I am going to keep these goals even if I don't reach them. If I don't I will still be glad that I set the goals for myself and my blog! 

Don't forget to set goals, even if it isn't for a Wizard101 blog :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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