December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!- Post #1

Hello Wizards!

Right now I decided to do a blog post, and tomorrow night I will do another! I really hope all of you reading this post, even those that really haven't been friends with me, a great Christmas! This time of year really special to almost everyone in the entire world. If it isn't I think you should read this short story below about the true meaning of Christmas..

Mom: I am very sorry that we don't have anything for you all, I am very sorry this is happening to all of us. I am hoping that next year will be better than it is this year.

Son: I understand mom, we still love you guys, without family it would really be nothing, so you shouldn't be saying nothing, when we have our family.

Dad: You are right son. I know a lot of people do feel sorry for us because we barely have anything, but I really do feel sorry for those who don't have a family to at least enjoy Christmas with. If we didn't have each other it would really be a bad Christmas. Even if we don't have much, it will still be a very great Christmas!

Even those who don't have much at all can have a great Christmas with their family, I think Jesus- if you believe- is very glad that some do celebrate Christmas that way. I am very glad I have my family to spend Christmas with. I hope you guys did enjoy this post, and to kick off the ending of the post.. O Holy Night.. Sorry I had to skip a bunch of Christmas songs this week! Here is Christmas song #24

Video: I do not own this video.

I love the story at the beginning before the song starts. Just gave me the Christmas Spirit! God bless you all! I hope all of you have a great Christmas :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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