December 4, 2011

What's this?

Hello Wizards,

I just wanted to talk to everyone about something that I have been noticing lately, yeah this is supposed to be a blog about Wizard101, but lately it really hasn't been, so I am going to talk about this today since I haven't for a while. Now, some may think this is going to be boring before I get started, but I think everyone should read through, it may not be as boring as you think. Anyways, to get to the point, lately on Facebook there has been lots of bad images, bad language, and things that well... usually people wouldn't post for a lot of people around the world to see. I know that some didn't do that on purpose because of clicking on some viruses that's going around Facebook. I have been posting as my status on Facebook to nearly 1000 people to be careful clicking on the links, lots of others also posted about the viruses and situations going around Facebook. If you don't want to put bad things on your friends wall because of that mistake, be careful not to click on it! Now, for those posting things on purpose, you really need to stop now please, its very annoying, plus no one needs to see things like that. Lately there have been photos on Facebook that are making people sick to their stomach, a dog that has been hurt, other bad photos that no one needs to see, things that just make people sick, its very bad that most on our Facebook lists are posting that. Even if the people that are posting this have never heard of Wizard101, shouldn't even be posting things like this. I am not trying to stop everyone from posting their statuses on Facebook, what almost everyone is saying is, why post things that no one wants to see? Its really bad to see things like this on Facebook a networking site that a lot of people around the world go on to interact with friends not images, and statuses that are just.. out of control. That's the only way I can put some of the things that have been posted on Facebook. I am not going to make this post longer than it should be, but don't forget DON'T click on things that look like the things I am going to post below- this goes for Twitter and any other site you get on...

Get an Ipad free just click here to order- Now if this was free they wouldn't even mention order. Well they might give you a free virus and keep the ipad for themselves.

Wow look what this girl did- Now this is something you should never click on, this is just another virus you are going to put on your computer. Unless you want to see a virus don't click on it!

Look at this dog- I have no idea what to say about this...

Bad Language? Now I don't understand this one. There is no reason to use a bad word in every single part of a Facebook status, I know you know that there are younger people on your list- this is something that I don't understand because one time someone who was way older than I was on Facebook kept using bad language and I had to ask them to stop, this is very silly. I am not getting mad at anyone on my Facebook list by posting this post, I am only asking you to stop, please.

Facebook= a place to interact with friends, not show off with bad language and bad posts.

Thanks for reading guys,

~ Edward Lifegem

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