January 15, 2012

10x10x10 Contest Soon!

Hello again!

I forgot to tell the new wizards who just followed my blog about this contest I will be having very soon! I planned to have it last year, lots of things were happening so I cancelled it until the first of the year. Well its the first of the year, and I can't wait to have this contest! :) Okay click on the read more tab to see all of the information about this Contest!

1. I will be giving out 2 cards on Facebook and 2 cards on Twitter! - not going to tell what you have to do or what you did do yet.

2. I will be giving out 6 cards on my blog- this might be a easy question, or just to give them out to those supports, don't really know yet. We will see when the time comes :)

3. These are 10 dollar wizard101 gift cards, they are redeemable for 5000 crowns or a 1 month membership, If you want to spread the word about this, go ahead! I would love for others to win.

4. You don't have to follow my blog, I was going to make it to where you had to, but I changed my mind. You can if you want, it won't be a requirement like the other contests though :)

5. SOON- Don't worry! This contest will be soon, I hope you guys are ready for a big contest on ATSWEL! I hope you enjoy this contest, and hopefully there will be more contests to come during this year! :)

~ Edward Lifegem


Blaze Shadowhorn said...

Nice post Ed :) You'll have to remind me when 10x10x10 starts :)

Keep up the epic posts :) BTW i'm catching up to your followers ;) 8 away ;)

Your bro,
-Blaze :)

sofie said...

Well whatever the contest is i'm going to do my best and win :D

The Brave Pyromancer said...

Cool, I need to buy more areas with crowns so thank you for holding this awesome contest, and good luck to everyone.

Unknown said...

Cool, looks like it will be fun!

;) I like the mystery in that first thing...