January 25, 2012

About Me (W101 UK)

Hello Wizards!

This is my very first post only about Wizard101 UK! So I just made a character a few weeks ago and I am sure everyone knows what the character's name is. If not, its Edward Lifegem! Now Edward Lifegem is on the Uk server and on the Us server! I will be giving the link to my blog to some of my new friends on wizard101 uk so if you guys want to know more about me and when I joined Wizard101 click on the read more option!

I first joined wizard101 ( us) on August of 2009. Ever since I started playing wizard101 I have been very addicted to the game. I am sure anyone can agree with that if they play wizard101 :) Well I have been so addicted to the game that I have already made a lot of characters at high levels. Here is a list of my characters on the us server..

Edward Lifegem- Level 60 Life
Edward Wintergem- Level 61 Ice
Edward Firegem- Level 70 Fire
Edward Stormgem- Level 70 Storm
Edward Legendgem- Level 60 Balance
Edward Mythgem- Level 60 Myth
Edward Deathgem- Level 60 Death
Edward- Level 60 Death
Edward Winterbreeze- Level 32 Ice

It took forever to level all of these characters, but all of them are my favorite school. Even though I started not liking balance when I first started the game, its now part of my favorites along with the other schools. So other than being on Wizard101 the game, lets talk about this blog!

This blog was made May of 2010. I started blogging a little bit during that year, not much though. I only made about 18 posts that year and then I quit because I didn't really enjoy it. Then I started blogging again last April and I started to love blogging! I had contests on my blog for the us server and really enjoyed having others read my sometimes weird posts :) Other times I have made very long posts like this one should be after I am done. I hope all of you can read through without getting too bored :) My posts are sometimes about pets on the game, or leveling on the game and showing everyone where I am at. I also post about never giving away your passwords if you do, you will lose your account. I  usually post about that to warn all of my readers that your account can be stolen if you do decide to give your password away. Even though this post isn't about that, NEVER give your password away. Just a little first post warning. So let me tell you some of my favorite spells and more about myself down below.

First of all, I usually don't give away my age to everyone, but I will this time. Giving another warning about giving your age to everyone, make sure not tell anyone on the game your age or personal information about yourself. Well I am 18 years old, and I am from the United States! The first time I found out about Wizard101 was when I was watching t.v. and before I turned the channel I was watching a wizard101 commercial. I thought it was very cool so I decided to play the game. I created an account and I loved it! That goes along with my post about myself up above :) So after I started playing the game, my first favorite spell was frost giant, still is my favorite spell! My other favorites are storm lord, snow angel, and one that didn't come out which I will not mention until its released in Wizard101 Uk.

Well, It looks like you made it to the end of the post! Congrats :D It took forever to type for me and almost made me tired- still morning here- I hope you guys enjoyed my first post about wizard101 uk and myself. Thanks for reading everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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Elijah Dragonleaf said...

I started on the UK servers since my computer lost the dll files for the US one. I'm english, and even I'll tell ya that the US servers are one hell of a lot better. Us brits can never seem to do anything right lol. We don't even have Wintertusk yet!