January 22, 2012

Big Plans!

Hello Wizards,

This Summer is going to be big for Atswel! I am planning a lot of things for my blog and wizard101. I know I haven't been on much to start off a bunch of posts for the end of 2011 or the beginning of 2012, don't worry its going to chance soon, my big plans aren't just for Summer!

Goals and Plans from now until Summer
Some of my goals for Summer would be to reach 150 followers before May, that would be very great goal for me :) Every time I get a new follower I just want to keep blogging a lot more than I should, which is a great thing for me! Another goal would be to score some great interviews with some of the community leaders, that would be a very fun thing to do and I am sure the people who are fans of the community leaders- including me- would enjoy reading interviews from them- that will be soon, I am hoping. - One last goal would be to have more contests like I did when I first started blogging again, I love having contests and showing those who follow that I am appreciative  that they are following. Oh and I will be having a big contest very soon, I said that a week ago, but lately I have had a lot more going on. Don't worry I will still have it :)

My plans for this blog are very good, and I hope that you guys will stick along with my spelling skills.. I mean blogging :D - If you have added me on the game, you know exactly what I am talking about.. So on with the plans.. I am planning on having just like I said above, more contests, great interviews with community leaders, maybe an interview with Kingsisle, I don't know if that will happen or not though since they are very busy and don't really know who I am :P  Oh I also have a big plan for my youtube account. I am planning on uploading more videos of strong hits and new things that are released in Wizard101, I will be putting every new video I have on blog posts and my youtube page located here: http://edwardwintergem.blogspot.com/p/my-youtube-videos.html  Another plan I have kept to myself lately, I have also thought about blogging for Wizard101 Uk and Wizard101 US :) This goes along with my read more option I just added to my blog recently. On a new post for Wizard101 US I will put the name of the post and (w101usa). A new blog post for wizard101uk will be labeled (w101uk) I think this is a great idea for my blog and I hope everyone thinks its a great idea :) Well I am finally done with this post! It actually took forever for me to write, I am hoping it doesn't take too long for you all to read! Have fun, hopefully :)

See you in the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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