January 26, 2012

Edward Lifegem makes it to Celestia! (W101 US)


At long last my life wizard on the us server of wizard101 finally made it to Celestia! He would have been in Zafaria but I decided to power level instead. Never going to do that again! I am sure a lot more people decided to power level when Celestia first was released right? Well now they have to go through the old worlds because they decided to do that just like I did on my life character.

So my goal for the day is to at least get to level 62- 63 on leveling. I haven't really had a chance to level since before Christmas, so now I am back on leveling :) When friends are online on my list I see most of them are level 70, so I feel like I am new to the game :P Congrats on level 70! I can't wait until I finally reach level 70 on my life character, that will be fun! I am hoping by next week I am level 70.

Here are a few photos of me finally getting my entry to Celestia!

I don't think forest lord is very happy about being in Celestia.. 

Well that's it for this post, wish me luck on leveling in Celestia! See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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