January 14, 2012

First Internet Safety Post of 2012

Hello Wizards,

Today's post is about internet safety and Wizard101 UK blog I think you should start reading.

I was scrolling through a very great site for Wizard101 UK, and I noticed that they had some really great rules that I think everyone should read + the great blog they have made! I really think these rules are great, and think every blogger should put something on their blog so everyone knows that the internet is not as safe as it seems. Of course its fun playing on Wizard101 and interacting with new friends, but some new friends may not be as nice as they seem- if they ask for personal information, your password, or where you live! Make sure not tell anyone that kind of information.

Here is a link for you all if you would like to read Mason's rules on Internet Safety, very great rules!

I am sure lots of Wizards will learn a lot from these rules, and they are great to follow so you won't lose your wizard101, or your personal information! NEVER give out personal information. Kingsisle even says on the log in screens to not give out your password or user, if you do, you will lose your wizards and you won't be able to see your wizards again.

I hope you all follow these rules, don't forget to check out Mason Swiftblade's blog!

~ Edward Lifegem

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