January 30, 2012

Friendly's Interview! ( W101 US )

Hello Wizards!

The other day I decided to start interviews with a lot of friends around the Spiral, and today I have an interview for you from the friendly necromancer aka Thomas Lionblood!  Click on the read more tab for the interview!



Hello Friendly, I want to thank you for letting me ask you questions for the interview! I am sure those who don't really know much about you yet would love to know more about you now :)


Thanks for the interview Edward! I've done one other interview like this, but it was a long time ago in a galaxy far away with Ronan Ravenshard. Looks like The King of Death saved it on his blog: http://wizard101deathking.blogspot.com/p/interviews.html

Question #1- Me:

When did you start playing Wizard101 and what did you think about the game when you first started playing? 


I started playing Wizard101 while it was still in Beta. I thought it was amazing. It solved so many problems I had with MMOs that it made me excited. I couldn't help myself and just started writing immediately. From there it turned out to be more than I ever expected.  I didn't really plan on becoming a hub for a blogging community, and I didn't expect any of the in-game "fame" that came with it. I didn't expect anything! I just wanted to write about this game that was making me so happy as compared to where I was in other MMOs, stuck in end-game content, raiding, or feeling bad about spending time raiding. This was a game where I could be myself and play with my family. That solved a lot of conceptual problems of online gaming for me.

Question #2- Me:

What was your favorite spell as soon as you joined the game? 


Cyclops was the first spell that I really thought was awesome. Myth is Thomas's secondary. You can see me using it all the time in my first YouTube video about Wizard101. :)

Question #3- Me:

What is your favorite Wizard101 spell for each school? 


Hmm... Hard to choose, but I'll try:

Myth: Golem Minion (handiest 0 pip minion in the game) 
Life: Rebirth
Death: Empower (so I can use Frankenstein)
Balance: " I see Bladestorm in my mind, I love balance wizards"
Storm: Tempest
Fire: Efreet
Ice: Frost Giant (can't wait for my ice to get Mammoth)

Question #4- Me:

What's your favorite thing about Wizard101?


It's the total package. It's really hard to separate out all that I like about this game: The people behind the game, the people that regularly read my blog, the card battling mechanic, etc. It's just the total package. It'd probably be easier for me to tell what I don't like about this game, which would be Kingsisle ignoring updates to old content in favor of pumping in new content. What I mean by that is... take a look at mini-games and derby you can find in the pet arena: Where's the Celestian derby track? Where's the Zafaria dance game? With each zone that comes out, old content doesn't get revisited and updated. Where's the hidden furniture in the new zones that you can click on to loot like you can the old content? Sadly I think Kingsisle forgot to include a checklist of everything they need to update when they create a new zone. (Then again, it would take that much longer to release a zone... it's a give and take.)

Question #5-Me:

You have a blog- http://thefriendlynecromancer.blogspot.com/ - what or who inspired you to start your blog?


There are some very popular MMO bloggers blogging about this game, but there wasn't anyone who had a blog dedicated to the game. I was writing about the game to my friends anyway, and I was very familiar with blogging in general since I had three or four previously (all now defunct or unknown), so I contacted Kingsisle, and the rest is history! The way I started my blog though isn't as interesting as what kept me writing all these years. That would be the fine people who play this game, including my family. 

Question #6- Me:

Do you have any advice to any other Wizard101 bloggers that just started blogging or  planning on starting a blog?


Yeah, for a while it just became a "thing" to make a Wizard101 blog. It was nuts! Blogging got so popular that Jester even put a blogging module on Central, which became its own beast as well. Nowadays, the dynamic of Wizard101 blogging seems to change every few months as people come and go. The important thing is maintaining a positive attitude while knowing that no one may ever read your blog like your intending. Depression, boredom, and sadness will come out in writing and then people will notice. If you aren't entertained by what you're writing if you don't enjoy it, no one else will either. If you feel like ranting always give those posts a while before publishing. It's best not to regret what you said later. Also, edit posts while you write. People still read my posts from three years ago. If someone points out an error, thank them, and fix it. It's all you can do. 

Question #7- Me:

Since this was a short question interview, is there anything else you would like to say to finish off the interview? :)


Thanks for the interview! It's good to know that people still care about Thomas Lionblood after all these years. I appreciate it. Keep up the happy dueling. :)

That's the end of the interview, I would like to thank Friendly for answering my questions, and interview :) I would like to tell you that all of the blogging community and your readers still care about you! I am very glad I had an interview with you, now I can use some of the blogging tips for the future. A few weeks ago a great friend told me I made a mistake with my spelling lol! I am glad they did because it would be terrible knowing that my spelling was up for everyone to see. Oh and you said to edit your posts while writing them, that's exactly what I was doing when I read that! Thanks again for the interview!

~ Edward Lifegem

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