January 27, 2012

Interview time! ( W101 US & UK)

Hello Wizards,

Today I decided to start interviews with the community and anyone is welcome to join in the interview. Below I will explain what this interview is about, it's not anything personal, its only about Wizard101 :) I know some of my friends always wanted more friends, by doing this you will know more of the community!

Like I said above, if we do the interview I will not ask you anything personal, if you would like to join. I made a Facebook post a few minutes ago about this and asked anyone if they would like to have an interview! If you are reading my post and you haven't commented on my post on Facebook, comment below this post or on Twitter! You can send me tweet if you would like to. Well that's it for this short post, I will start doing this tomorrow. :)

~ Edward Lifegem

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