January 18, 2012



Today this blog post about something very important that might- if passed- shut down every single blogger- not just Wizard101 bloggers all of them- and it will also make the internet different than it is today. Click the read more tab if you want to see more about this..

Ditto made a blog post about this act, and I think its very important you all do go to his site and read everything on his recent blog post: http://dittomonster.com/2012/01/18/ditto-talks-about-sopa-and-pipa/#more-1994

In his blog post he mentions everything about these 2 acts, and everyone needs to read his post and watch his new video.

If you don't want any of the blogs shut down, including a lot of other sites millions of people suggest you go to this link and tell congress NO on sopa and pipa. https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/
Google and Wikipedia and a lot of other sites are against this act, and I am too- along with millions of people. Please sign it, tell Congress no, and maybe they won't pass this new act. Lets get a million more people to say no about this.

Everyone who blogs about Wizard101 or anything else, make sure to make a blog post about this and show the google link up. It will help!

Thanks for reading,

~ Edward Lifegem

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