January 26, 2012

Tournament ( W101 UK)


The tournament started Monday on the Wizard101 UK server! It is really great because Wizard101 UK will be giving away 10,000 crowns who registered, who wins the most battles in pvp! Good luck to all of those who registered to win! Oh and if you didn't register in time, you can still play pvp for free!

Wizard101 UK's facebook page posted some information about this tournament so, if you are reading from the united states and don't know much about this tournament I would suggest you go to the twitter page for Wizard101 uk or the Facebook page. Its late to register but not late to go into pvp and start ranking up! This seems like a great thing for the game and I wish the us server would do this, but 20 million wizards are playing on the us server so that would be terrible for pvp on the us server. I am glad wizard101 uk is doing it though, it sounds like a very fun contest/ tournament! Here are a few photos of everyone training a few days ago for the tournament!

Good luck again to all of those who entered to win the 10,000 crowns or 2 month club membership! See you around the spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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