February 11, 2012

10x10x10 Contest Winners (W101 US)

Get ready for the longest post on record on my blog! I will be posting all of the winners of the 10x10x10 contest in 3 different sections. I will also be putting their answer for the contest, which will take awhile. Remember these ideas are from the people who won. Please congratulate them on great answers for the contest. I really wish I could give everyone a card who entered, I can't though. I only have 10. Don't worry though, I will be having more contests! This one was the best contest I have had so far on my blog, though it took awhile to have the contest, I am still glad I had it. I am glad to show my support to everyone in the community who supports my blog. You guys have been showing a lot of support who follows my blog, or follows my Facebook page, or even Twitter. I can't wait to have more contests this year on my blog! Okay, now on to the contest winners!

Twitter contest - On the Twitter contest I wanted you to explain one spell you would like to be added to the game, with a lot of details about the spell. I received a lot more contest entries than I thought I would for Twitter, which saddens me because I only have 2 cards to give out for the Twitter contest. I want to tell everyone who entered that I really do like all of the entries that you sent me! Since I only have 2 cards to give out though, here are the winners down below.

Contest Entry Winner: Angel Winterbreeze
The spell I would love added is Scylla. She is a greek monster just like medusa but she has snake tongues. She and her sister Carybdids guards the sea of monsters. When a ship passes by she uses her snake tongue to grab the sailors. She has black hair, normal skin color and she has 4 lion heads on her stomach. Fins for feet. This spell would be myth of course. Rank 10 spell 765 myth damage to all enemies plus stun. Animation: She would be standing on a pointed brown rock. The waves crashing. She looks at her first enemy and wrap her snake tongue around him/her, and that's what she'll do for the second enemy ect. Then she uses lioness stomach to stun. They roar at the enemy then they turn to the rock and shatter. That is the spell I would like to be added.

- I really do like this spell idea Angel! Myth does deserve a spell like this :) I would love to see this spell on the game if it ever gets added. It seems like a great myth spell! Congratulations Angel! I will be sending you a code in a direct message on Twitter :)

Contest Entry Winner: Autumn Dreamwalker
The best idea for a rank 10 balance spell, Anubis. Anubis is an Egyptian God of the afterlife and he is a man with the head of a Jackal. This spell would attack one enemy with a random choice of either Myth, Death, or Life (like a spiritual version of Spectral blast).  The animation would be dark and gloomy, like underground with kind of a cave-like structure in the background. It would show Anubis coming out of the cave and he would cast either dark grey, black and silvery sparks that hit at 1085 (Death), greenish sparks that hit at 1135 (Life), or blue and yellow sparks that hit at 1185 (Myth). The sparks will engulf the enemy and make a flash and inflict the specified damage. The spell would then add on 2, 55% black mantels to the enemy. Anubis would then fade backwards into the cave.

- I have ALWAYS wanted Anubis to be a spell on the game. This spell describes a great version of Anubis if he would ever be added to the game. May I add, Anubis in myths is the son of ra! This spell does look like ra, different though just like Autumn described above. Congratulations Autumn! I will be sending you the code  on a direct message on Twitter.

Facebook Contest- On the Facebook contest, I asked everyone their favorite thing about Wizard101, a lot of people responded to this contest. I also have 2 cards to give out on this contest, I will be sending the 2 winning people their code on Facebook. Here are the entries..

Contest Entry Winner: Tara Windwalker
My first thought was Wizard101's humor but, upon reflection, I realized that what I cherish most is the Wizard101 staff because without their help I would not have been able to continue playing the game. Support worked with me to get my computer capable of running the game in the Beta phase and when the game was launched. I would like the support staff to write a book on how they learned the art of replying to Help questions with such patience, calmness, and "we're with you in this". Every time I receive an email from them, I think to myself, "how do they do that?". I wish I could do that!" I fell in love with the entire company during the Beta phase because was as excited as we were to play the game. It was such a special time that I will never forget. Since then, I have played many Betas but have only had the sense of a company playing and having fun with me with Wizard101. I love to see J Todd Coleman in an interview and watch his face light up when he talks about the game and fans... he isn't just working... he loves his job. We should all find a career like that to fulfill us inside. I think that kids have an opportunity to use him as a role model. But, now my thoughts revolve back to where I started... Wizard101's humor. The staff has to be absolutely brilliant  not only to think up a song or mythology trivia but to weave it into a storyline... it truly is a amazing how they can keep it all organized. Plus, they are able to get someone like Eric Bloom, of Blue Oyster Cult Fame, to be involved in the game. How cool is that? I love Kingsisle.

- This was the best entry I have ever had in a contest, I really love how you explained how much you love Wizard101 and the Kingsisle staff. I agree with you, the staff does a lot of work to keep us all happy including themselves :) This game to me is the best online game ever! I am glad kingsisle is very nice to their fans and help us out so much. They are truly the best game staff :) Congratulations Tara, I will be sending you the code on a Facebook message! :)

Contest Entry Winner: Thashni Fernando
My favorite thing about wizard101 is that it is a unique mmorpg. You don't get the usual clicking a button as fast as you can to attack system, instead you get the card attack system which I love! Also I'm a huge fan of the graphics! They're amazing!! ^_^ also love the mounts and pets are awesome too! And I have to also mention the wizard101 community, they are some of the nicest people I have ever been privileged to meet! The game is just amazing and I hope KI continues to keep it that way :)

- I love your entry! It really can lift anyone's spirit to keep playing Wizard101! I can say the same exact thing you just said. I really do love the game, you're right the community is the best and I hope KI keeps the game that way too :) Congratulations! I will be sending you the code on a Facebook message!! :D

Blog Contest- I asked everyone on my blog to describe a pet, with talents, and a school the pet should belong to. I love all of the entries everyone :) I received of 20 entries for the contest! I want to say you guys really have great ideas and I would like to say thanks for everyone entering each contest I have had on my blog. You guys rock! On this contest I am giving out 6 wizard101 cards to 6 lucky people :) I really wish I had more to give out because I would give each and every one of you a card. On to the contest entries!

Contest Entry Winner: Edward Winterflame
Ed? Hey man, nice of you to have this contest, giving non-members a chance to actually be a member! :P Really cool. Now on to my pet :P Well what kind of pet would I like to be added to the game? First I thought of level 68 spell pets but... that isn't exactly my pet right?? So I thought of another, and this one is very creative :P Wiz has pets such of lions dragons, etc etc, BUT! What about a gorilla pet? o: not bad eh? Well the pet I thought of was the gorilla pet, but there is something special about this gorilla pet, this pet would actually grow into a gorilla reaching upon reaching an adult. A monkey at a baby and a Gorilla at an adult :P  The gorilla will be able to be dyed in different colors including Black (original color), brown, black and brown, and gray. The gorilla will actually be given a banana card at adult. This card will be a life based card, and AOE of course. What happens is the gorilla will actually start beating his chest to cast his card, on the field however the gorilla begins to increase in size, and throw bananas or banana peels at his opponents. If however you get bad luck and get his peel, you'll get weakness of 25% and a lowered accuracy of 25% The gorilla will also be able to heal. At ancient however (to make things fair) His healing will be 900 per ally. On the field he would give bananas to each ally, the character would actually eat the banana thereby healing :D Not bad huh? Lol. On the talents: The gorilla will will be a life based pet having the talents of may cast unicorn, spritely, spell proof, spell defy, pain giver (of course), tower shield, life giver, life proof, and fairy :P The gorilla will like life based foods of course he'll love king bananas even though those are myth o: His derby talents would include: Super Hurry, bananas :P, Mute etc. O: I forgot to mention the gorilla can either be male or females, how to distinguish you ask? Male ones will be a bit more hairier, and will be able to choose only male names, he'll also be a bit darker in color where as the female will have less hair, would be able to choose female names and be a bit lighter in color. O: by the way, Talon's idea seems pretty cool, be sure to read that one lol. As he says, much thanks for such an opportunity! Really nice of you. Good luck to all of those who decide to enter :D Have a great week Ed, once again great contest, told you I was looking forward to it :P

- Very informative! I love this pet, I think its a very great idea :) You even explained a card he would have! That's very going into detail about the pet! Let's hope Kingsisle adds this pet to the game! :) Congrats! Oh and talking about Talon's idea look at the next winning entry Edward :) I will be sending you your code on the Facebook :)

Contest Winning Entry: Talon Nightshade
I would like a Naga pet to be included in the game. It's basically like wizard101 portrayal of medusa, lol, half snake half man. but its male. It would wear a silk cloth on it's upper body, and it's lower body is uncovered, full of shimmering green scales. It's head is humanoid, though it bares snake like features such as a forked tongue and snake like eyes. It's skin is normal color, though becomes greener next to its lower body, emphasizing the creatures split being. It carries twin swords, gripping them in it's muscled hands. It's animation is it swinging swords in a fan like motion and striking like a cobra does to an imaginary enemy. It dances with going around and around it's tail and when shown a scold emotion, it will go to the nearest wall and curl into it's self, making a coil with it's head drooping. When in the cannon mini game, it goes through the air like a snow serpent would. It's snake part moves like the snow serpent does. It would also be the first pet to interact with another pet when it's placed in a house with them. It would group more with snake like pets, and hiss at other pets. I would have done a medusa pet, but the quest dialogue is if there is only one lol. Anyway, onto the technical stuff, :P. It's a myth pet, it has a pedigree of 72. It would give a new astral spellcard for 2 pips called intimidate. It would put up an astral bubble on the opponent lowering their damage by 15%. It lasts only 4 rounds, and can be countered with any star spell. It's talents are health gift, MC myth blade, mana gift, MC Weakness, Myth giver, Myth Defense, Spritely, Pips o plenty, and a new card called piercing blow which gives armor piercing. Derby talents include super hurry, bummer, mute, sap, bananas, and many more. This pet is a pet drop from mirage, a world yet to come. It can be hatched to create The Avenger (Phoenix and Naga), The guardian of the forest (Forest lord and Naga) and many more. It likes myth snacks and candy like snacks. It's egg is called Reptilian egg. With its beautiful Green-Silver scales and swords, The naga is truly a wonderful companion to travel the spiral with. With it's special intimidate spell and piercing blow talents, enemies won't know what hit them! It will rock pet derby. Super hurry and the other talents will be some of the best talents out there. Next time you get lonely in your massive fantasy palace, don't get a piggle, get a naga! Thx Ed for the opportunity! and good luck to all of the contestants! :D! p.s. there might be some spelling errors, am in a rush writing this on the phone so my texting skills are bad :P

- WOW, You are very good at sending in a contest entry about a pet! This pet seems like something that should be released by KI soon! I have no idea how you typed this so much that I want a Naga pet for myth, but you did! You should send this idea to KI :) Again, wow! Oh and I love the ending! "Next time you get lonely in your massive fantasy palace, don't get a piggle, get a Naga!". Absolutely! If its ever released, we all know who made the idea :) Congrats Talon, I will be sending you a message on Facebook, or dm on Twitter, just  tell me which, when you find out you won :)

Contest Winner Entry: Heather Forestlord
Hello Edward! Thanks for hosting this contest :) I just started the game a few days ago and I added you on Facebook. I noticed you had a blog so I clicked on it and I love your blog. I also noticed you were having a contest on your blog about a pet. I know some of the level 70 spells, I actually got to see one in unicorn way a few days ago called mammoth! I think this spell would be a great pet. I am not really good on details since I am new at the game, I will just say he casts the same card. Thanks again.

- First of all, welcome to the game! :) I absolutely love your contest entry! I really want to think you for liking my blog. I know! I want the mammoth pet for my ice character too. Hopefully KI decides to release this pet soon, we'll see :) I will send you a message on Facebook with your code Heather! Congrats :)

Contest Winning Entry: Tatiana Shadowflame
A pet I would like to see, would have to be one of those glowfish in crab alley. so cute. lol. You all know what they look like, so I don't need to describe them. I am thinking this pet would be balance. The card that comes with is helping hands. The ten talents shall be, a may cast balance convert. Triggered by balance spells. Spritely, may cast unicorn, may cast blade storm, spell proof, health gift, pip o plenty, a weakness card, and of course the lovely mana gift. lol. Can't dream too big can I? :P

- Love your entry! I think almost everyone reading this post has sometime said they wanted that pet :) I am one of them! I think this would be a great balance pet, let's hope KI is reading, maybe they will add this pet to the game :D I will send you a dm on twitter with your code! :)

Contest Winning Entry: Scot Soulhammer
I would love to see a Gamma pet (even smaller version of Gamma, but it flies somewhat like the nighthwak). You would be given a list of the talents, and you get to choose 10 from the list of 30 talents (all of the talents someone would want, including selfish for derby wizards). The actual talents that manifests are random, but when you hatch, you get to choose which talent gets transferred to the egg (for example: Adult you get to choose 3 unmanefested talents to be transferred, Ancient you get 2, and so on). This pet would probably either: cost a healthy amount of crowns, or be the result of a pet quest.

- Wow, thanks for your entry Scot! I think this would be a great pet for the game, I always wanted a pet like this, including a lot of others. I am thinking it would cost a lot of crowns, more than any pet in the crowns shop. - might take me awhile to get it if its released LOL, Anyways, Congrats Scot, I will send you your game code on Facebook :)

Contest Winning Entry: Malvin Dragonbreeze
I would like to see an Efreet pet! :D It would be of the fire school. And when you walk his lamp follows you around by jumping. When you stop walking the lamp will have red smoke coming from it and after awhile, Efreet will pop out and stretch. When he swims, he would come out of the lamp and grabs it with one hand use its sword to swim. When he dances, he would come out and make a melody by hitting his sword on his lamp. The talents would be: MC fire blade, MC fire trap, MC fire shield, fire proof, Pip o Plenty, health gift, one fire blade card, one wildfire card, and one MC smokescreen. Efreet would give a efreet card with 900 hit, 70% accuracy, cost 8 pips, and gives 90% weakness, and -50% accuracy. :D

- I hope KI puts this pet out, and the pet does everything you just said! This pet seems like a great pet for my fire character, and I am ready for this pet to be released! Thanks for your entry :) Congratulations! I will be sending you a dm on Twitter with your code :)

Now, I am done with the 10x10x10 Contest post! Hopefully everyone made it to the end of the post ;) Congratulations everyone who won! :) Don't worry everyone who didn't I will be having more contests this year, and possibly soon :) Now to take a break from all of this writing .... I will be sending your codes soon everyone who won :)

~ Edward Lifegem


The Brave Pyromancer said...

Congratz to all the winners, I think this was an amazing contest, mostly because it gave every wizard a chance to win.


Thnx Ed! And congrats to everyone! ( Twitter is good :P)