February 6, 2012

Contest on my blog! (W101 US)


Time to start the contest for my blog! I was having a terrible time trying to think of a contest for my blog yesterday. I didn't know if I should have the same question as I asked for either Twitter or Facebook or have a different contest. Well a great friend on Twitter, Jordan Moonstone, said something about a pet contest!

Well that's the contest I will be having on my blog, thank you Jordan! I am very glad I can start the contests this week, I am very excited about this. Oh and I am also having a Twitter contest, only 3 people signed up for it so far, I would like it if more signed up for that contest too. My twitter is @Edwardlifegem . I will be posting the same question again today since its down in the news feed. My Facebook contest is going great! 11 people already signed up for it! If you would like to see that contest go to ATSWEL Facebook

Now to start the contest for my blog!

Contest Details for my blog:

- Name a pet that hasn't been added to the game, and you have to give details of the talents, what it looks like, and what school you think it should belong to.

- The contest will stay up until Friday or Saturday when all of the winners are announced. They will receive the card code the same day. I might leave the contest up until Sunday, it depends if more than 12 people enter the contest on my blog.

- I will be giving away 6 cards on my blog, all of them will be 10 dollar Wizard101 gift cards from Walmart.

- This contest will start right now! :)

- Good luck to everyone who enters! More specific details will give you a better chance to win, that's for all 3 contests that are going on right now :)

Please spread the news about my contests, so more wizards can enter and have a chance of winning!

~Edward Lifegem


tatiana shadowflame said...

a pet i would like to see, would have to be those glowfish in crab alley. so cute. lol. you all know what they look like, so i dont need to describe them. i am thinking this pet would be balance. the card it comes with is helping hands. the ten talents, shall be, a maycast balance convert. triggered by balance spells. spritely, maycast unicorn, may cast blade storm. spell proof, health gift, pip o plenty, a weakness card, and of course, the lovely mana gift. lol. cant dream too big can i? :P

Scot SoulHammer said...

I would love to see a Gamma pet(smaller version of Gamma, but it flies somewhat like the nighthawk). You would be given a list of talents, and you get to choose 10 from the list of like 30 talents (all of the talents someone would want, including selfish for derby wizards). The actual talents that manifests are random, but when you hatch, you get to choose which talent gets transfered to the egg (for example: Adult: you get to choose 3 unmanefested talents to be transferred, Ancient you get 2, and so on). This pet probably will either: cost a heafty amount of crowns, or be the result of a pet quest.

Anonymous said...

The pet I would like to see is the Diver, it would have a scuba diving mask and a wet suit on but it would have wings and it would give the level 58 spell of whatever school you are, when you train it and it becomes Teen it will give strong and once it reaches Ancient it will give Colossal card and every now and then if you feed it well and care for it then it drops different things (costumes, crowns, reagents, gold) similar to gardening. You should get the Diver once you have completed Celestia (a little incentive to finish Celestia as I needed some incentive to finish it although mine was Zafaria). Instead of spritely card, it might cast Satyr. This would be an amazing pet to have as the cards it gives. This would be a good dancing pet and the scuba diving outfit would change colour depending on the pets mood.


TheDrakeFlame said...

A pet I would love to see is a Draconian Pet (like the transformation).
It would be a Fire school pet with a pedigree of 65 and come with a fire dragon card.
It's talents are:
Spritely, MC Fireblade, Health Gift, MC Pierce, Gives Fireblade card, Spell-Defy, MC Smokescreen, Gives Fire-Elf card, Plaguebringer & MC Fire Trap.
It's the perfect pet for a Fire wizard. It cost 4,000 crowns or be dropped by Fire bosses in Dragonspyre.

Albert said...

Id like to see a Panda,i think this pet should be life and it comes with a satyr card. The 10 talent would be :spritely,lifeblade,pip o plenty,mana gift,life trap,pain giver,health gift,life giver,life shoot,life proof.

harpster said...


The Brave Pyromancer said...

I would love to have a small owl, like the ones from Harry Potter. It be a death pet and obtainable from the Crown Shop at a cost of 2,000 crowns. You would be able to dye the owl to 4 different colors which are Black, White, Gray, and Brown. It will come with the card Wraith. The ten talents would be: May cast Death Blade, May cast death trap, May cast death shield, May cast Sprite, May cast Banshee(a new one just for this pet, unless hatched), Death-Giver, Death-Proof, Death-Shot, Health Gift, and Pip Boost.

Keeganthelord said...

I wanna see a mermaid pet like Sirens!
They would be an epic storm pet! Pedigree can be high!
Talents are may-cast stormblade, spritely, may-cast storm trap, may-cast unicorn,
may-cast cleanse charm, gives one stormblade, gives one darkwind, storm-giver, may-cast storm trap, mana gift.
Contact me at shocker1217@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Id love to see a Fire Dragon pet.The pedigree would be 60. It would be a Fire school of course lol. The animation would be- He sits on the lava just lie the spell animation. And when you walk he'll fly, turn his head side ways and breath fire. The talents would be- Mc smokescreen, Fire giver, Fire proof, Spritely, pain giver, Health gift, pip of plenty, MC fireblade and MC fire trap. And good luck to all.Bye :p

Logan Silverflame said...

I would love to see a Skeletal dragon :D. Would be death of course. Animation; It would be like the skeletal dragon spell except when you walk it flies. The 10 talents would be Death proof, death giver, MC pierce, death shot, Health gift, Mana gift, Sprite, pip o plenty and Spell proof. Pedigree is 63. Good luck to all.

Emma Summersword said...

I would want a witch as a pet for Halloween.Death school pet. You can buy it from the crown shop for a cost of 7,000 crowns. The witch would be riding on a broom just like the broom mount. Her skin is green, pointy nose and white hair. The pedigree is 66. Gives Scarecrow at baby And the talents are MC Pierce, Pain giver, Spell proof, Spritely, Death giver, MC unicorn, Death proof, MC Smokescreen,Gives death blade card and health gift.

MalvinDbreeze said...

I would like a Efreet pet! :D It would be of the fire school. And when you walk his lamp follows you around by jumping, when you stop walking the lamp will have red smoke coming from it and after a while, Efreet would pop out and stretch.
When he swims he would come out of the lamp and grabs it with one hand and use its sword to swim.
When he dance, he would come out and make a melody by hitting his sword on the lamp.
The talents would be: MC fire blade, MC fire trap, MC fire shield, Fire proof, Pip o'Plenty, Health gift, Mana Gift, one fire blade card, one wildfire card, and MC Smokescreen.
Efreet would give a efreet card with 900 Hit, 70% accuracy, cost 8 pips, gives the 90% weakness, and a -50% accuracy. :D


I would like a Naga pet included in the game. It's basically like the wizard101 portrayal of medusa lol, half snake half man. but is male. It would wear a silk cloth on it's upper body, and it's lower body is uncovered, full of shimmering green scales. It's head is humanoid,though it bears snake like features such as a forked tongue and snake like eyes. It's skin is normal color, though becomes greener next to it's lower Body, emphasizing the creatures split being. It carries twin swords, gripping them it's muscled hands. It's animation is it swinging it's swords in a fan like motion and striking like a cobra does to an imaginary enemy. It dances with going around and around it's tail and when shown the scold emote, it will go to the nearest wall and curl into it's self, making a coil and it's head drooping. When in the cannon mini game, it goes through th air like a snow serpent would. Its snake part moves just like the snow serpent does. It would also be the first pet to interact with other pets when placed in a house with them. It would group more with the snake like pets, and would hiss at other pets. I would have
done a Medusa pet, but the Quest Dialogue is if as there is only one lol. Anyway, onto the Technical stuff :P. Its a myth pet, and has a Pedigree of 72. It would give a new astral star spellcard for 2 pips called Intimidate. It would put up a astral bubble on the opponent, lowering their damage by 15%. It lasts for 4 rounds, and can be countered with any star spell. It's talents are Health gift, MC myth blade, Mana gift, MC Weakness, Myth giver, Myth defense, Spritely, Pips o plenty, and a new talent called Pierceing blow, which gives armor piercing. Derby Talents include Super hurry, Bummer, mute, sap, Bananas, and many more. This pet is a pet drop from mirage, a world yet to come. It can be hatched to create The Avenger( Pheonix and Naga ), The Guardian of the Forest( Forest Lord and Naga), and many more. It likes Myth snacks and candy like snacks. Its egg is called Reptilian egg.

With it's beautiful Green-Silver scales and swords, The Naga truly is a wonderful companion to travel the spiral with. With It's special Intimidate spell and Piercing blow talent, enemies won't know what hit them! It will rock pet derby, Super Hurry and the other talents being some of the best Talents out there. Next time you get lonely in your Massive Fantasy Palace, don't get a piggle, get a Naga!

Thnx Ed for the oppurtunity! And good luck to all contestants :D!
Ps. Might be spelling errors, am in a rush and am writing this on a phone so my texting skills are bad :P

Star Edward said...

Ed? Hey man, nice of you to have this contest, giving non-members a chance to actually be a member! :P Really cool.
Now on to my pet :P Well what kind of pet would I like to be added to the game? First I thought of the level 68 spells pets but..... that isn't exactly my pet right? So I thought of another, and this one is very creative :P
Wiz has pets such as lions, dragons, etc etc, BUT! What about a Gorilla Pet? o: Not bad eh?
Well the pet I thought of was a Gorilla pet, but there's something special about this Gorilla Pet, this pet would actually grow into a Gorilla upon reaching an adult. A monkey at baby and a Gorilla at adult :P
The Gorilla will be able to be dyed in colors including Black (original color), Brown, Black And Brown and Gray. The Gorilla will actually give a banana card at Adult. This card will be a life based card, and Aoe of course :P
What happens is that The gorilla will actually start beating his chest to cast the card, on the field however the gorilla will actually increase in size, and throw bananas or banana peels at his opponents. If however you get bad lucky and get his peel, you'll get a weakness of 25% and a lowered accuracy of also 25% :P
The Gorilla will also be able to heal. At ancient however (to make things fair)
His healing will be 900 per ally :P. On the field he would give bananas to each ally, the character would actually eat the banana thereby healing :D
Not bad huh? Lol
On to the talents:
The Gorilla will be a life based pet having the talents of
May Cast Unicorn, Spritely, Spell Proof, Spell Defy, Pain Giver (of course), Tower Shield, life giver, life proof and fairy :P
The Gorilla will like life based foods but of course he'll love king bananas even though they are myth o:
His derby talents would include: Super Hurry, Bananas :P, Mute etc :P
O: forgot to mention the Gorilla can either be a male or females, How to distinguish you ask? Male ones will be a bit more hairier, and will only be able to choose male names, he'll also be a bit more darker in color where as the female will have less hair, would be able to choose female names and a bit lighter in color.
O: by the way Talon's idea seems pretty cool, be sure to read that one lol.
As he says, much thanks for such an opportunity! really nice of you.
Good luck to all who decides to enter :D
Have a great week Ed, once again nice contest, told you I was looking forward to it :P

Patrick Hawktamer said...

The pet I'm making up is a Lizafo. It is basically a humanoid lizard, but cooler. All over its body, the Lizafo is coverd in dark green scales (you can dye it to become crimson, orange, purple, brown, or blue.) It wields curved, silvery blades in his hands, one on fire, one covered in ice. The Lizafo will has have bright yellow eyes like a banana. It has a somewhat arched back and has black spikes extending from the back of its head to the end of his tail. The movement of the Lizafo standing still will be him hopping back and forth with his left shoulder foward in a jittery battle position. When he is running, he will stick out the swords in front of him and move foward and repeat (Imagine using crutches but sticking them out way in front of you. Thats what it looks like.) For its "goofing around move" (when you stand still for a while.) he will plant the swords in the ground, climb up on them, and then fall. He will end up flat on the ground. Then he shakes it off and gets up. The Lizafo will have the following talents: Pain-giver, Spell-Proof, Spell-Defy, Pierce Train, Unicorn, Tower Shield, Myth-shot, Health-Gift, Pip-o-plenty, and Sharp-shot. It will also have the following Derby Abilities: Immunity, Spiffy-Pop, No-Passing, Leech, Enfeeblement, Pipe-Down, Think-Fast, Ultra-Mute, Killjoy and Hurry. The Lizafo is a Myth school pet because it is a humanoid. Lizafos like fruit and vegetable snacks, especially if they are myth. You can obtain this pet for either 9000 crowns in the crown shop or as an extremely rare drop from Malisitare.That is all for what a Lizafo pet is. Thank you very much for the contest! Good luck to all!

~Patrick Hawktamer

Unknown said...

Since this is the Year of the Dragon for Chinese. I would love to see a Chinese Style Dragon. Myth School.
Something like this http://www.lair2000.net/Chinese_Dragon_Color/normal_mushu13.gif
Some talents would like to see would be:

Hex or Hexster
Storm Proof
Mend Minion, Buff Minion
Myth-Giver, Myth-Shot, Mythblade, Myth Shield, MythTrap

Swashbuckler Soultamer said...

This will be hard for me to explain, but I'll give it a shot...
Pet: Curled Viper (or come cool name used to describe a coiled snake)
Appearance: School-specific color per wiz, (with the exception of Balance, whose pet will be orange, thus making Fire red) a snake wrapped around a wizard's arm and neck/shoulders (but not to the strangling point).
Buying options: I think this pet can only be on a wizard if it is the right school (ice pet to ice wiz). Hatching could be (level 58 pet) and a serpent variety pet that is already in game. :) Can be bought in Crown shop for 2000"c"
Talents: (I'm no expert) Adult May-cast would be the AoE spell for that wiz's school, and Epic would be the (can't decide) level 42 or 48 spell. I don't know if packing on a teen Spritely would be too much...
Derby Talents: (can't remember names) The Brick Wall in One Lane, Bombs for All Lanes, Mute Leader.

Ok, thanks for the contest, and good luck to everybody!


Zeon said...

I'd like to see Mosquito pet (lol) not the small and ordinary mosquito. This one would be the muttation of the normal mosquito. It would be the size of a pingpong ball with dark color, creepy feature with a long, sharp sting (it won't hurt changing from cute pets to the scary ones once in a while right?). The pet would belong to Death School with Vampire card at Baby (vampires suck blood, so do mosquitos XD)

The list of talents would be (for 1st gen):

1. Pip O'Plenty
2. Health Gift
3. Mana Gift
4. Poison (gives one Poison card)
5. Selfish talent
6. Spritely
7. Death Trap (may cast death trap)
8. Death Blade (may cast death blade)
9. Death Shield (may cast death shield)
10. Curse (may cast curse)

Angel Winterbreeze said...

The pet I would want to see is an Ostrich pet. :3 Balance school pet.

It would look like the Ostrich mount with a Yankee's Baseball cap and a "I <3 Baseball T-shirt" :P. You can dye the shirts in all the colors. White,Black,Blue ect. Even the hat too :o. He also comes with a spell called OStrich Rampage. A bunch of ostrich would be running around.....then here comes the big guy.

Bigger than all the others and taller than the others. He'd walk slowly in front of the enemy then peck your head xD! It does 550 damage and stun for 1 round. and when he gets to Epic he'll give you another card called Killer Ostrich. This one can actually fly. It flies to the ground...walks in front of the enemy runs around him/her making him/her dizzy then digs on the ground then kicks rocks and dirt on you. Doing 700 damage with a 50% smokescreen.

And the pedigree would be 63. The 10 talents would be May cast sandstorm, Unicorn, Sprite, Defy, proof, balance giver, balance proof, Mc locus swarm, balance shot and pain giver. This is the pet I would want added nad good luck to all. ^-^

Johnathan Shadowheart said...

I would like to see a Rhinocerous pet like the monsters in zafaria!!!
It is a life pet that throws its sword into the air and catches it, as well as make noises.
The pedigree should be 58. The talents could be spritely, mc unicorn, mc lifeblade, mc life trap, life-shot, life-proof, spell-defying, pain giver, gives fairy card and pip o' plenty. Email me at thekidderz@yahoo.com

Valkoor said...

I would love to see a Chrismoose pet just like the mount :3 !! It would be an epic Ice pet with a pedigree of 65. It flies around a wizard's head and makes the sound of bells jingling. It has it's own spell which summons a reindeer to do 600 to all enemies and -60 damage to the next incoming attack for all friends!
Talents: Mc Iceblade, Mc Icetrap, Spritely, Mc Tower shield, Mc Freeze, Spell Proof, Gives 1 Blizzard card, Gives 1 Colossus card, boosts critical rating, ice-shot.
Thanks ♥♥♥
Valkoor. ( jair.11@live.com )