February 5, 2012

Contest Q&A

I announced this morning that I would be starting the 10x10x10 contest. Here are a few questions I have been asked, I am also going to be giving you more information about the contest. This morning when I made the blog post I was typing very fast because I had to go somewhere, that's why all of the information wasn't there. 

Question 1)
What time does the Contest end?

- The Contest ends either Friday or Saturday. A few contests ago I had another big contest and I ended too early, so I am going to make this contest last longer since its the biggest contest I have had so far on this blog.

Question 2)
Where can I enter?

- This contest will be on my Blog, Twitter, and Facebook. On Twitter.. https://twitter.com/#!/EdwardLifegem
I already asked the question. Go to the link to see the question, you can respond by email: edwardwintergem@yahoo.com or dm, or even a reply. On Facebook, I asked another question, to see it go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Around-the-Spiral-with-Edward-Lifegem/190941214288072
You can reply below with your answer. With my blog you can comment below when I post the contest I will be having here. 

Question 3)
What time is the contest starting?

- The contest for Facebook and Twitter have already started. The contest for my blog where I am giving away 6 cards will be starting tomorrow. I am giving away 6 cards away for my blog contest, 2 for twitter, and 2 for Facebook.

More information on the Contest:
Just like I said above, I will be giving away 10 wizard101 gift cards, 2 for twitter, 2 for Facebook, and 6 right here on my blog. Anyone can enter this contest. I will be starting my blog contest tomorrow. Good luck to everyone who decides to enter! :) Please RT and share this post if you can! Thank you!

~ Edward Lifegem

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