February 5, 2012

10x10x10 Contest! (W101 US)

I am finally proud to announce that the contest will begin today! For months now I haven't had the chance to begin the contest, which was terrible for me too, I love having contests on my blog :) This is the biggest contest I have ever had on this blog, and I would like you all to share it with others so they can have a chance to win too!

Contest Details:

- I will be giving away 10 wizard101 cards, that are 10 dollars, to 10 people! That's what its called the 10x10x10 contest, or 10.10.10 or whatever away you would like to put it.

- This contest is available to anyone, you don't have to be following my blog in order to win! :) 

- There will be a contest on my ATSWEL Facebook page located here for 2 wizard101 cards: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Around-the-Spiral-with-Edward-Lifegem/190941214288072
This contest will start sometimes today so keep looking for an update! :)

- There will also be another contest for 2 other cards on my Twitter located here: https://twitter.com/#!/EdwardLifegem Keep reading my Twitter for an update!

- My blog will be having a simple contest, this will start tomorrow. Today I will start the contests on Facebook & Twitter.

- To enter the contest, just wait until I post the contest on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog. When I post it on Twitter, just reply with your answer, on Facebook, comment below the contest, and my blog, comment below. My blog will be having the contest tomorrow, and Facebook and Twitter will be having the contests today. Facebook will be giving away 2 cards, and Twitter will be giving away 2 cards. My blog will be giving away 6 cards. 

- This contest will end sometimes this week, not putting a date on this contest because its a big contest. Oh and good luck to everyone who decides to enter! :)

Please RT on twitter so everyone will know about this contest, I would like everyone to have a chance to win. I will be making another blog post tomorrow for more information about this contest. Once again, Good luck to everyone!

~ Edward Lifegem

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sofie said...

What do we do to enter? click join event?