February 28, 2012

Dragon Shopping (W101 UK)

Wizard101 UK has a bunch of dragon items in the UK crowns shop now! Dragon's Fjord is on sale. Dragon pets such as the ghost dragon, utility dragon, and the vigilant dragon is in the crowns shop. Dragonrider's blades, Dragon mounts and Dragonrider's clothing is also in the crowns shop! That's a lot of dragons for the opening of my blog post right? 

This is actually great, because I may buy some of the items for my life character. There is a dragonrider's blade that cost only 500 crowns! I am going to get it :) It would take me forever to get it in the US server, so I will get it here in the UK server :D Down below are the prices of the Dragonrider's blade.

These prices are great :)

Let's not forget the Dragon mounts! They are something that I should get because currently I don't really have a mount on the game. It takes me awhile to get around. I can't wait to check out everything today to see what if I can get something :)

Dragonrider's outfits also! :)

Great prices :) Not too expensive

Last but not least, the Dragon Fjord price! I added the Dragons hoard too just to show how much "dragons" was in the crowns shop :)

I can't wait to go see if I can buy something in the crowns shop, to think about it.. I may read my post Lol. Well I hope you guys will buy something because we don't know how long this will stay. Have fun everyone! :)

~ Edward Lifegem

P.S. Go check out Wizard101 UK's Facebook page for great updates :) https://www.facebook.com/wizard101.uk

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