February 2, 2012

Edward Finishes Celestia & makes it to Zafaria! (W101 US)

Finally after a while my life wizard made it to Zafaria! He has been in Celestia trying to complete "Did not collect" quests. Gotta love Celestia :) The science center was the best area though! It took me forever to complete one quest :D Okay maybe Celestia isn't my favorite world lol, Zafaria is though.

Here are a few photos of my life character finally finishing up Celestia.

Regenerate aka God's Hand :)

I can't believe he used this spell on me!


Allan using Chimera!

Forest Lord

Forest Lord again :)


Am I supposed to end the battle?

Time to end this battle :)

Edward Lifegem is ready to leave Celestia!

Later in Zafaria...


I want to thank Allan Nightstone, Scot Soulhammer and Autumn Dreamwalker for helping me through the last dungeon! :) Autumn got caught at the end of the dungeon and couldn't port back, I am still giving her credit because she helped too! Thanks guys!

To end the post in a way that I usually don't there is one more blog I would like you to follow!  http://thebalanceprofessor.blogspot.com/ 

See you around the Spiral!

~ Edward Lifegem

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